Monday, June 14, 2010

tell me why I don't like mondays?

Actually I usually LOVE Mondays.
Not that I don't enjoy the weekends, but I really like getting back to our weekly routine and starting a fresh new week.
Most Mondays I usually go to the gym for a two hour workout to get the week started off on a good foot.
Well that, and to work off all the guilty pleasures I indulged in over the weekend.
Unfortunately that wasn't the case today.
Big daddy had the day off and we had a ton of things to deal with in the morning, plus for some reason (late bedtime and up at 5 a.m. with nightmares) Lulu was in fine form.
Anyhow I did manage to squeeze in a run- but like I said- the day just didn't start out the way it usually does.
Big daddy was in a mood that could best be described as- cantankerous.
He's not quite used to the Monday morning "routine".
Lulu was also thrown off by big daddy's day of playing hooky and suddenly fell ill right before school was about to start.
I could spot a good fake a mile away but big daddy- being the novice that he is- let her stay home from school.
and that's when the day that started off on the wrong foot- ended up on the wrong leg.
Everything we wanted to get done today- didn't.
C'est La vie.
Unfortunately big daddy doesn't speak french.
so he is currently sulking.
Lulu admitted to faking being sick at 3:30- we made her stay in bed until then- hey if you are "sick" then you stay in bed.
Big daddy felt (feels) totally burned.
I feel a little smug since I kept telling him she was fine- and really just wanted to stay at home with him.
He told be I was being "harsh" and "the poor little thing is really not feeling well"
And "maybe she has anxiety about going to school and dealing with "certain" classmates"
That part did get me- I admit.
But still, I was 99.9% sure she was fine and just wanted to extend the weekend.
Once I made that call to the school- guess who perked up?
'nuff said.
Tuesday is looking very good right about now.

Oh and above picture is Lulu latest drawing of big daddy.
hmmm...what's she trying to convey?
aside from the fact that Big daddy needs to add a pair of pink pants to his summer wardrobe.


kgirl said...

I hate days that start of promising and end up promising to do you in. I hope today is better, too.

(btw, my word verification is 'synista' - love it.)

Mamalooper said...

We have the "I'm too sick to go to school BUT I am apparently well enough to have my best friend over". Heh...

Sometimes the weekdays are easier than the weekends with the routine and the girl and I knowing what's what.

And when you have a ton of "to do's" with little slack in the system, losing a day puts you REALLY behind the eight'll all get done.