Sunday, August 15, 2010

I like to move it move it

The last time I was at the African Lion Safari I was around 7 or 8 years old and I vaguely remember a very cheeky monkey jumping on top of our car and ripping the windshield wiper off.
Then he proceeded to pee on our front windshield.
I swear that happened.
Okay maybe not. But every time I tell big daddy that story he completely cracks up.
Which in turn, totally cracks me up.
Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) nothing that dramatic happened while we were in our car at the African Lion Safari last week.
Instead we saw a few very bored Lions.

A few Cheetahs cleaning themselves under the shade of a tree.
Can you imagine those hairballs?!

A family of Giraffe.
The baby was especially cute.

Some Zebras.
Much shorter and stockier than a horse, and such incredible coats of fur.
It amazes me that mother nature can create something so beautiful.
Though I have to admit, I kept imagining them sounding like Chris Rock if they could talk..

One very frisky Ostrich.
Lulu freaked out a bit when one walked up to the car and started pecking at the window.

So she decided she would drive after that.
I just wish she hadn't hit that Rhinoceros.
Our insurance is going to be insane from here on in...

kidding of course...


Betsy Mae said...

uhhhh that totally happened to my family when we went to african lion safari when i was the same age!

we took the kids two years ago and i swear quite a few of the animals were busy having s*x, especiall the monkeys. thank goodness the girls were oblivious to all of it. i'm afraid of the explaining i might have to do when we go with the girls now.

Sonia said...

We had a giraffe come and stick its tongue in the crack of our moon roof. Dried giraffe spit on a material roof is ick.