Monday, July 08, 2013


Does anyone else feel like they are drowning in kids arts & crafts?

I have so many plastic bins full of Lulu's masterpieces and I'm simply running out of places to store them.
G-d forbid throwing anything out...gasp..
I've been busted a few times and Lulu was quite devastated to say the least.
"But mama, it took me soooo long to make that specially for you! How could you??"
oh the guilt...
But then I discovered Artkive.
LOVe it!
You simply take a photo of all her artwork and creative projects and store them in a digital file.
Then eventually I can just order a book with it all compiled neatly and chronologically.
I can't wait to order one for Grade 2.

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kurrabikid said...

Ah, I had heard of this. Must get it!