Friday, July 05, 2013

happy belated canada day

Well the Canada Day long weekend has come and gone, and though it was lovely to have a few extra days together as a family, it was a bit on the exhausting side.

We were looking after my four year old niece for the last week of school and over the weekend.
And as adorable as she is, she's four.
And I kind of forgot how much more work a little four year old can be.
Especially when it's not your child.
I just didn't want anything to happen to her on my watch. 
And she is so much more active and bouncy that Lulu was at that age.
So I was on duty 24/7.
At one point she was spinning around and hit her head on a tray on our ottoman and I thought "oh lord how am I going to explain a huge bruise or worse, stitches to my brother when I drop her off?" gulp..
Fortunately it didn't come to that, but still, after that incident I was on full alert.
Thankfully, Lulu was amazing, and helped out so much.
In fact I was beyond impressed at how responsible and sweet she was towards her little cousin.
A.K.A. her pint sized animated shadow.
She was pretty tolerant about having all of her things man handled and even turned a blind eye when she was constantly being tattled on.
Welcome to what it would be like to have a sibling..
I guess I'm so past that stage and love how independent Lulu is now.
I just don't think I would have the energy (or desire) to look after a little one anymore.
At least not on a regular basis.
That being said, I loved watching the two of them together and would welcome her again with open arms.
(only maybe for a shorter length of time next time around....)

Needless to say, after the week was over, I think Lulu is very content about being an only child.
As am I.
Any doubts I may have had about our family dynamic have been put to rest. an eight year old is the best.

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janet bailey said...

Yes they sure keep us busy! Happy Canada Day! xoxo