Friday, July 19, 2013

summer of 2013 To Do list

Every summer I put together a To Do-Wish list.
Seeing as we are already half way through July, I figured I should probably get on that.
So without further adieu...

1. make a summer to do list. check.
2. eat lots of Ontario Cherries (and peaches). check.
3. have friends over for a BBQ
4. go to the beach
5. go for a long hike somewhere new
6. plant some herbs. check.
7. plant some new herbs and take care of them so they don't wilt and die.
8. visit a museum
9. go to a movie and enjoy the A.C. cranked to the max. check
10. go swimming. check.
11. do a puzzle with Lulu
12. play crib, backgammon and card games
13. set up the teepee in the backyard. check.
14. Let Lulu stay up really late and look at the stars. check.
15. lie in a field and watch the clouds
16. go to the library (check) and try to read at least 4 books this summer.
17. help Lulu organize a lemonade stand
18. make a sidewalk chalk masterpiece
19. go on a trip out west to see the mountains
20. go canoeing.
21. go out with a group of girlfriends. check.
22. try to learn one song on the guitar.
23. buy a new weekend house out of the city. check.!!!
24. find new furniture and pretty much everything for the new house.

and finally.....
#25. enjoy each day as much as possible because they really fly by far too quickly...

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