Wednesday, July 24, 2013

out of steam

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm just not getting enough sleep these days, that I'm getting older or that life is just busy, but lately I feel so tired.
I can barely keep my eyes open past 10:30-11 and that's so not me as I'm a bit of a night owl.
And I've been waking up at 6ish. Which is also so not me.
A morning person I am not.
Not sure what's up with this, but by the time 7 pm rolls around I am completely spent.
And it's not even the school year and dark out by that time.
I'm a pretty active and energetic person so this is something I'm not really used to.
Lulu is in camp all week so I've had some personal time to just get caught up things.
Which I have.
A fairly productive week in fact.
But I lack the energy or desire to socialize or even exercise.
Two of my favourite things to do.
I just feel like being at home, enjoying my back garden and taking it easy.
That being said, I went to a yoga class yesterday and loved it.
It's been ages, since I usually fill my fitness time with high impact cardio & weights.
But it felt so good.
Must do that more often.
Anyhow I guess I just have to go with the flow and if my body is telling me to take it easy, slow down a bit, go to bed earlier and get more rest then I should just listen.

Our own physical body possesses a wisdom, which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders, which make no sense. ~ Henry Miller

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Lynn said...

Me too. I worry constantly that this means I'm getting old. Or possibly have a brain tumour. Or possibly just worry myself into tiredness over silly things :).

Lately I've been considering becoming a coffee drinker - some days the only way I can stay awake past 8:30 is to have a cup of tea. I've been thinking a cup of coffee around dinnertime might make for a more respectable bedtime, or help me get out of bed in the morning.

Or maybe I just need to be about 15 years younger.