Tuesday, January 16, 2007

baby it's cold outside

well it finally arrived.
Snow..err well sort of.
More like freezing rain and sleet with a few snow flakes thrown in for good measure.
As much as I was really enjoying extending my fall fashions well into mid January, I'm kind of glad it's cold outside.
It's the way it should be. It's Canada after-all.
So big daddy is away for a few days and it's just Lulu and I.
Ever since we picked her up from my parents on Saturday she keeps saying "miss you mommy, miss you" while hugging my leg.
I could melt.
I wonder though if she isn't just refering to my physical absence last week, but the fact that I've been a bit emotionally tuned out over the past few weeks as well.
But the past few days it's just been my little girl and I and we are having so much fun together.
She wants to do everything I do.
When I put on my make-up she wants to pretend to as well.
When I brush my teeth, she wants to brush hers.
When I'm cooking in the kitchen, she pulls up a chair to help out.
Who knew 20 month olds could efficiently peel garlic? Awesome.
She is extremely affectionate at the best of times but lately she is just plain scrumptious.
"snuggle mommy" "lub you" and even "hug hug".
I must have been really good in another life to have such a sweet and loving little person as my daughter.
Anyhow today we christened her first toboggan and it was the one time when I was glad no one had shovelled the sidewalk as we went sledding all through the neighbourhood.
So much fun.
we eventually made our way to the library and scored the cozy reading chair in the children's section and read a dozen or so books together. (all the while Lulu was snuggled into me with her tiny hand in mine)
She was even more adorable because of her rosy cheeks from the cold and her messy staticy hat head.
We came home to delicious smelling stew that had been cooking all day in the crock-pot (my newest favourite kitchen gadget)
I had a glass of wine, Lulu had some apple juice.
We said "cheers" and clicked my Riedel glass with her plastic sippy cup.
I lit some candles and we had a nice relaxing dinner.
Just us two gals.
A perfect cold wintery day.


Anonymous said...

Hey! We did nearly the same thing you did-sleigh ride in the neighbourhood, read books, coloured, and made dinner together. I think the sunshine really lifted my spirits today. You should start sharing your recipes with us...what do you think? I bet alot of other 'fans' would agree that we all want your recipes.

crazymumma said...

sounds wonderful. she gets all that love training from you two. ya know that right?

Anonymous said...


kittenpie said...

Oh, I love it! I'm looking forward to snowy things to do this weekend, too. and there is absolutely nothing better than a sweet and snuggly toddler. They were just made for fitting perfectly folded into your arms.

Gabriella said...

Ahhh pg you're such an inspiration. Seriously, I love reading your posts, they're just beautiful. And yes there's nothing like a snuggly toddler!

Anonymous said...

beautiful picture. delicious punim on that babe of yours

metro mama said...

Cakes had her first sled ride the other day - she just loved it.

I agree with anonymous, I'd love your recipes.

Anonymous said...

That was so sweet. I love a snuggly girl. Aly our two year old is just starting to enjoy being snuggled, but our four year old has always been great. I love snuggling up on the couch and reading stories before bed, nothing better.

I also have been loving our crockpot, we made a big pot of chili last night.

crazymumma said...

tried to find an email for you...but could not. As to your comment....ummmm...barely ever, and its not like a gal can really 'let go' when hollering homework instructions...

Lisa b said...

aww so cute what a great day
I had no idea my kid should be able to peel garlic. Child labour practice beings tomorrow!

Haley-O said...

My little monkey helped me put the dishes away yesterday. It IS such a great feeling when you see they can actually (not just playfully) help ou! :) Lulu is so adorable!!!