Wednesday, January 31, 2007

it's the little things

I often wonder if other parents are as enamoured with their offspring as big daddy and I are.
We could sit for hours and just watch Lulu in action, and she never disappoints.
Always full of love and laughter.
I feel as though I'm completely addicted to her endless hugs and affection and I don't ever want this phase to end.
She is just over-the-top cute these past few days.
Her vocabulary is really evolving and the fact that we can now communicate with words and sentences makes things go much smoother around here.
Not to mention that she now says "Love you mummy", "hug" and gives me tiny soft kisses on my lips while stroking my cheek saying "mommy pretty".
Sure she stays up a bit later that we would like some nights, but as tiring as that can be, I think we both secretly love getting the extra hour or two (or sometimes three) of snuggle time.
There are plenty of things that make me happy.
Big daddy of course.
A nice meal in a good restaurant with friendly service and nice ambience.
sitting by a fire reading a good book.
long walks in the woods.
visiting with friends and family.
sipping coffee in a cafe while reading the paper.
getting a massage.
cocktail parties.
live music.
movies and live theatre.
shopping in food markets early Saturday mornings.
going to art galleries.
checking out antique shops.
riding my bike.
just sitting and doing nothing.
but the thing that makes me most happy is my daughter.
There really are no words to describe how happy and fulfilled she makes me feel.
So often I read or hear about how tiring or difficult being a mother can be.
or how challenging the "terrible two's" are.
I just don't get that.
never have I been so happy and content.
I'm just so grateful for the little things in my life,
especially Lulu.


Anonymous said...

I guess your daughter has never run away screaming when you wanted to comb her hair or put it into a ponytail, or has thrown her food all over the floor for the 7th time in a day, or have gone grocery shopping with a child who will not get into the shopping cart and doesn't want to walk holding your hand either!...don't get me wrong, I think all moms are grateful for their children but let's face it some days are not all peaches and cream.

metro mama said...


petite gourmand said...

Oh believe me we have the odd day that is, shall we say..more challenging than others.
but for the most part, all the sweetness seems to outshine the difficult days.
then again, we are still dealing with a 21 months old, I guess two isn't that far away. gulp.

crazymumma said...

And I am grateful for that picture of Lulu. There really is nothing like the love ones child gives. I sometimes feel blinded by the immensity of my gratitude I feel for being it's recipient.

AZ said...

anonymous - why such a grumpy comment?
petite - I loved this post. It is refreshing to hear someone say something so uplifting... especially when it is so gray outside. And I feel the same way about my little stinker.

Gabriella said...

Ahhh petite, once again another post that I find so inspiring. You always have such a way of putting a positive vibe out there. Especially when my child sounds a lot like anonymous' comment!!!! You're one of my fav bloggers, but come on one day you have to write a real drag out post about a challenging day you have!!! Just so I can feel better about the ones I have.

tracy said...

lovely post. and i have to say that 2 is actually one of my favorite ages... (don't believe the hype!) enjoy it all! xo

Lisa b said...

It is amazing how fascinating our children are. I can totally understand how you are so in love with her.
She's such a cutie.

However, like gabriella it does make me feel better to hear sometimes that I am not the only mom being driven insane between the bouts out supercuteness.

kittenpie said...

Ah, they are so sweet. Yes, they do have their days or moments, of course, but on the whole? I have to agree, I love this stage. Two hasn't been bad at all. (I call those times "toddler moments" to remind myself they are expected and I'm lucky they are the exception rather than the norm.)

penelopeto said...

you said it. and so nicely, too.

tracy said...

and yes - it is cork ;) and somehow i have lost your email (again) in the sea that is my inbox...

Anonymous said...

Petite, I love that you are so in love with lulu and Big Daddy. You pass on your positive vibe in your posts and that is terrific!
Reading your blog is always pleasant and inspiring.