Sunday, January 28, 2007

tag I'm it

So Sheena has tagged me,
and I am going to comply and share with you six wierd things about myself that you might not know.
At first I had a hard time coming up with six, and then once I started thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that I'm really weird, because I came up with well over a dozen or so.
But for now here are just six.

1. I once had a human brain in a jar of formaldehyde in the trunk of my car, AND a seven foot scarecrow in a pinstripe suit in the front seat of my car at the same time.
and no, it had nothing to do with trying to scam the car pool lane law.
I am very grateful however, that I never got pulled over by the cops.
I would have had a lot of 'splain'in to do.

2. I am a complete clean freak with O.C.D.and can't leave the house without making my bed or leaving even a single dirty coffee cup in the sink.
I even need the shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower to be facing forward...what can I say? total freak.

3. I love sneezing.

4. When ever I get a new cook book I have a secret desire to cook everything in the book at least once, and when I do prepare something, I have to make notes beside the recipe. i.e.. good, excellent, would be great for guests or bloody awful.
given my obsession with cook books and cooking magazines I will most likely never eat the same thing twice in my life span.

5. I love all things white and cream.
My house, clothes, dishes, flowers, actually pretty much everything.
My friends all tease me about this obsession and even my dad when visiting tries to play "eye spy something that is white" with Lulu.
But I do draw the line at wine.
it's all about red in that department.

6. I'm a smell-o-holic.
I sniff everything. ( I was born in the year of the Dog, so maybe that has something to with it)
I always smell a glass before pouring anything into it.
There are certain smells that make me gag, like sour towels, cheap perfume, the smell of someone who has been smoking in their car, Chinatown in the summer time..oh the list could go on forever.
But there are many smells that I adore.
brewing coffee in the morning, garlic, baking chocolate and bread, Chinatown on a cold winter day, lulu when she has just had a bath, campfires, candles blown out at the end of the evening.
I even do smell tests when I'm cooking.
When I'm finished preparing dinner, I usually go for a quick walk around the block just so that I can come back in to that "ummm what's for dinner? smell"
That being said, after eating dinner I need to open all the windows and burn some essential oil from Aveda to remove all the food smells before I go to bed, otherwise I can't sleep properly.
I already mentioned that I'm a freak right?


Anonymous said...

I "get" most of your weirdness. I didn't know I have OCD until I was recently diagnosed, things make so much sense now! Did you know it's a genetic disorder? Our only differences are that I don't like to smell things and I am not into white and cream-well I love white and cream but I couldn't live with a whole lot of white and cream in my house because I'd go nuts trying to keep them clean, how do you do it?

crazymumma said...

#2 All. The. Way.

Sheena said...

#6 all the way.
I will throw out any dish towel if I am not sure how long it has been wet. I also cannot EVER store my glasses upside down (whoever started the thought that was 'proper' should be strung up) because it traps odours and potentially chips the lip of the glass.

Thanks for playing.

Brian said...

rose oil is nice too.

Anonymous said...

hey lady, love the updates. thanks!
you look cute, with a napkin over your face.
hope to see you soon,

Anonymous said...

i got a lot of basil from a shoot the other day. do you have any favourite pesto recipes?

Anonymous said...

ok I am dying to know the details on that human brain.
Lisa b

Sheena said...

Yeah.. me too...

kittenpie said...

I love smells, too. I once long ago dated a guy that just didn't smell quite right - I knew it wouldn't last.