Monday, January 08, 2007

who ya gonna call??

I've never really considered myself to be a huge believer in the paranormal.
Sure I think there are certain energies you pick up from time to time and place to place.
I'm relatively tapped into my inner spiritual side.
But believing in ghosts isn't really something I take too seriously.
That is until this weekend.
que-spooky music..
Big daddy was getting Lulu dressed in her pyjamas after her bath last night and she pointed at the window of her room and said
Big daddy asked her some questions, like, is the girl nice?
Lulu replied "nope."
then Big Daddy asked if the girl was mean?
Lulu replies "mean!"
Big daddy calls me upstairs.
I make my way down the creaky old floors..(added for effect)
Lulu goes through the entire shpeil again.
"eyes, mouth, girl, Judy!"
All the while looking wide eyed at the wall behind her bed and at the dark window beside it.
By this point big daddy and I are trying to remain calm and rational, laughing nervously.
Umm, I don't think we don't know any Judy's.
I'm pretty sure we haven't come across any in the playground either.
Megan's, Zoe's, Taylor's, Riley's etc. yes. but no Judy's that I can recall.
We keep probing Lulu with questions about this mystery girl.
I'm trying to rack my brain to remember episodes of Little Bear, Max & Ruby, and Dora.
Nope, no Judy's in any episodes that I can remember.
Books..yes maybe Judy is a mean girl in one of her story books.
I flip through them all.
Peter rabbit, hungry caterpillars, cats in hats, three seeing impaired mice, puppies, kittens, princesses..hmmm..
nope, still no sign of a mean girl named Judy.
okay I'm starting to get pretty freaked out.
to make matters worse, big daddy is also freaked out.
Shouldn't he be the voice of reason around here?
Anyhow, when we put Lulu to bed she totally started screaming.
Not just the usual half assed whining/crying thing she does for about 5 minutes or so before she finally gives up and decides to enter the Land of Nod.
But, full on screaming accompanied by frantic shaking of the crib.
We eventually gave in and brought her into bed with us.
But now I have to admit I'm totally spooked by this experience.
I haven't felt like this since I was a kid and afraid to go to the basement by myself, humming loudly each time I went down just to make myself feel safer.
Then dashing up the stairs as fast as I could trying to avoid the hands that might grab my feet through the stairs..
okay so I had an active imagination.
That and one too many betamax rentals of Friday the Thirteenth and Nightmare on Elm Street.
So I'm not sure if we have a ghost named Judy living with us or not,
but in the mean time Big Daddy is going to the health food store and picking up a smudge stick just for good measure.
Or I wonder if Bill Murray still does house calls?..


crazymumma said...

I just got chills, and the spooky book cover you got on your site ain't helping matters much.
My girls have done things like that, as have many others I have known. Maybe they are more in tune.

Smudge it. see if that helps. It will most likely pass within a couple of months.

Sheena said...

Oh dear God! Was the TV on? Was it that scary lady from the Status of Women? Poor kiddo.

metro mama said...

Oooh, creepy.

Anonymous said...


I believe in ghosts. My parents place has/had ghost(s) I'm quite sure... But they were pretty benign... they never did much more than open doors, make tiptoe sounds down the hall, drop things (once)... oh yeah and started a fire in the woodstove when I was home alone and cold...

Whatever you do, don't watch Poltergeist.

kittenpie said...

Eeek! How creepy! But I would note that sometimes these weird things are a made-up thing from them and we read stuff into it from our perspective. I knew a family whose young (maybe 2 or 3 years) daughter said she was hearing voices in her head. They panicked, btu she's totally normal, just was imagining and for the very young, the line between real and imaginary is extremely scant. I hope that's all!