Friday, June 20, 2008

fresh finds

A few weeks make that over a month and a half ago....I came across this beautiful radicchio di Castelfranco at the market.
I went without a list and thought I would let the fresh produce be my inspiration.
I've never really been a big fan of radicchio- a little too bitter for my taste buds. (kind of like gin & tonic...ick)
But it's really been growing on me.
Radicchio not tonic.
Especially one as delicate as this.
I simply tossed it in some excellent quality extra virgin olive oil & some vincotto 4 year Italian balsamic, fresh grated Parmesan Reggiano and a bit of sea salt & fresh cracked pepper and viola.
I also grilled up a couple of Cumbrea's strip loins that I coated in a William's Sonoma Coffee & Spice dry rub that were amazing.
I'm not usually into prepared rubs and sauces but this one rocks.
I also scored some gorgeous fresh baby leeks, so I whipped up a little white bean, sautéed leek concoction that was de-lish.
A really nice side for the tender steaks.
Alleluia....could this mean a returning appetite?


Ms. Porter said...

mmmmmm, yummmm. i wish you would give us some recipes???? i am so close to begging you. i really do hope that your taste buds are returning and that your health is too.

Anonymous said...

i was never a fan of radicchio either, my inlaws love it though. But your description sounds mouthwatering. It's a good sign that things are going well for your appetite when you start posting these delicious meals again ;)

kgirl said...

so glad you're feeling better - and now i know why i've always liked raddichio ;p

p.s. cumbrae's made a reborn carnivore out of me.

Mommy Jo said...

And look at me....I've never heard of the stuff before! Yes, I was raised on the need to say more, right?!
Again, I'll open my home to you anytime so you can teach me the wonders of the kitchen!

kittenpie said...

Wait. Stop. I couldn't get past the part where you don't like gin & tonic...

Sheena said...

That is a lovely pic...
but I have to agree with the WTF on the gin & tonic dislike. Don't you know that it cures malaria? hello?

indigo herself said...

ok my appetite is returning too. love reading your description of these eats. kind of like this was your secret ingredient on iron chef! we always do these impersonations of the japanese dubs. cracks us up every time. that and ricardo! are you a fan of the food network?

Chez US said...


I am a friend of Bryan's he sent along your blog info. Very sweet and endearing.

I love those rubs from Williams Sonoma, they are brilliant! Cute plate, too!