Tuesday, June 17, 2008

love is the best medicine

first off...thanks for all the words of well wishes.
Quite frankly I'm surprised anyone is still reading seeing as my blog has been so woe is me lately.

I honestly don't like to even post about my health issues, as I'm sure it's the last thing anyone really wants to read about.
It's certainly the last thing I want to think or write about.
I feel like such a broken record about all this ear stuff.
But hopefully eventually I will be able to look back at this time in my life when I eventually feel like me again- IF I ever feel like me again- and really really appreciate my good fortune and health.
I did get in to see my doctor yesterday and had some blood work done.
She looked in both ears and said yes there does seem to be fluid in the middle ear and small scabs on both ear drums.
she gave me a corticosteroid nasal spray and said that the decongestants that I had been taking might be a contributing factor to my stomach issues.
But still have to wait for the results of the tests to find out exactly what is causing the weight loss.
I asked how long will it take for my ears to completely heal? after-all it's been since January...
She didn't know exactly.
I asked if I should go and see another ENT and she said they would probably say the same thing.
I asked if she had seen other cases like mine and she said- well I actually have never seen ruptured ear drums.
ummm...so wouldn't it make sense to go and see someone with more experience with this kind of thing??
not that I said that.
I just smiled and thanked her for seeing me on such short notice.
Why do I hesitate to question my doctor?
It's my health after-all.
I just don't want to insult her or worse annoy her.
Nothing worse than an annoyed doctor.
But I think I am going to keep trying to get in to see another ENT despite her "advice"
In the mean time I have my little Dr. Lulu to help keep my mind off of things.
She has been such an angel these past few days.
On Sunday she pulled the stool up to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and brought me a bottle of eucalyptus oil and said "here mommy this unchiliptis oil with help you get better"
It melted my heart.
then she proceeded to rub a little on a tissue on my neck.
um thanks sweetie.
Then I promptly moved all drugs to the top shelf where hopefully she won't be able to reach them.
While at the lab yesterday and giving blood samples she offered to hold my hand to help me be brave.
then said "let's get you a popsicle mommy so you can feel better after they needled you."
She kept asking all kinds of questions at my doctor's appointment.
"why is she taking your blood pressure mommy?"
So cool that she knew what my Doc was doing. a proud moment for momma.
"to see that my blood pressure is elevated sweetie"
"is she going to use a tongue suppressor on you? I don't like those- they make me choke"
"don't forget the check my mommy's heart with the stesiscope"
speaking of annoyed doctors....
My little advocate.
Maybe there's a future in medicine for my little gal??
at least then maybe we might have "an in" down the road when we are old and grey and don't want to wait like nine months for an appointment with a specialist.


Ms. Porter said...

GO AND SEE ANOTHER ENT! My family doctor is wonderful but there was a time when I left his office feeling like you described feeling, so I called his office the next day and said that I did want a second opinion...and he referred me no questions asked. I was glad I did, even though all I got was peace of mind in the end (he was right....that time).

Sonia said...

I agree with ms. porter. I would ask for a second referral.

Our family doctor is wonderful. He refers us to specialists if he is ever unsure about anything. I appreciate that he doesn't hesitate letting us know that there are others out there more knowledgeable then him in certain areas of medicine. It confirms our feelings that he will always put us first before his pride/ego.

I do hope you figure out what is wrong with your ears and you have a speedy recovery.

amanda said...

I agree... a specialist is always best in situations like these. And don't feel bad about venting here. It's your blog to talk about whatever you want. And those of us who read are most likely doing the same thing. Hang in there. I hope you're feeling better soon. I can only imagine how annoying it must be by now to put up with feeling the way you've been feeling.

Sarah said...

I concur with the others...advocate for yourself. Scabs in the eardrums? Yikes...get better!