Friday, August 04, 2006


And I thought we were hot...
I'm glad I'm not a sheep (or is it a lamb???)
imagine sporting a wool coat when it's 45 degree Celsius outside? thank-you.
we spent the week trying to entertain lulu and keep cool...what else is new?
a trip to an air conditioned Toys R Us sounded like a good place to hang out.
Besides, we were on a quest to find a wagon.
She goes bananas when she sees other kids in them,
and she's like a wild animal these days when I try to buckle her into her stroller.
So I caved and bought her one.
Anything to keep the peace.
we hit the wading pool in our neighbourhood and she was in heaven.
splashing and playing with the other toddlers.
She really goes nuts watching the older kids running around in the water,
she was squealing with delight.
I just wish she would stop drinking the pool water....I cringe when I imagine how much pee is actually in there....
I swear she looks at me, pauses, smirks, then makes her move and takes a huge gulp,
then looks back at me with the expression...ha ha, I'm drinking pee water and you can't stop me!!
she wins.
Lulu-1 /mommy-0
actually if you factor in the stroller/wagon thing it's more like
Lulu-2/ mommy-0
My parents came into town for a couple of days, so that's always a fantastic distraction.
Nice for me to be able to take on another small freelance gig. thank-god for grandparents.
she's walking everywhere now so we are always on the hunt for soft grass for her to practice on.
It was really cute watching her walking all by herself following a gang of pigeons (a.k.a rats with wings)....
but to her they are just pretty "bihhdies" really adorable.
she has a few little scrapes and bruises on her knees but is getting more and more confident everyday.
She points to her knee and sais boo boo. I could melt.
It's so much fun watching her grow each day into this little girl.
She's still only 15 months and pretty petite so she still seems like a little baby to me,
but then she surprises me by uttering a new word or doing something totally hilarious (like putting big daddy's underwear on her head) and I realize what a little individual she really is. little lamb.


kittenpie said...

Ha! Pumpkinpie is all over the wagon thing too and I am planning to get one this fall for her. A nice big one so we can haul her and a friend or a load of groceries or whatever else we need for toddler outings. And since we got rid of the big stroller, the large wheels might come in handy when winter rolls around.

BTW, thanks for popping by and commenting - I love comments! Did you notice HBM and metro mama are working on another mama get together for us TO types? Go look! Maybe we'll meet again.

metro mama said...

Cakes drinks that pissy water too. sigh

sunshine scribe said...

And what a sweet little lamb she is.