Wednesday, August 23, 2006

summer time blues

I'm not sure what it is about this time of year, but I often find myself feeling a bit anxious right before the first week of September.
Maybe it's some kind of weird flash back to that nervous excitement I felt years ago, before going back to school.
When I was a kid in some ways I couldn't wait to start school after a long summer off.
The smell of all my new school supplies, fresh pencils, erasers and new three ring paper all stacked neatly into my brand new binder.
I couldn't wait to take my first notes, in my most legible handwriting- of course.
My new lunch-box and thermos.
I loved my plastic orange scooby-doo lunch-box and in the earlier years my metal Holly Hobby lunch box.
I thought they were THE coolest.
Now available on Ebay.
But the main thing was my new back to school fall clothes.
I would wear that polyester argyle sweater, long sleeved button down, treetorn runners and jordash jeans despite the fact that it was still technically summer and around 25 degrees if it killed me.
I was an early victim to fashion (albeit bad fashion), what can I say?
I would get a fresh start with a new teacher and a new homeroom class.
"This year I would be a straight A student...."
Err, right.
But there were also those nerves, and the feeling of melancholy saying good-bye to summer.
All the nights spent sleeping in my orange tent in the back yard or on camping trips, reading my Nancy Drews by flashlight.
The forts and tree houses my brother and I would build and all the fun we would have playing in the woods with our friends.
Going to swim at the public pool, eating Fries with gravy, ketchup chips, Mr. Freezies and Fudgicles
(this was way before calories were a remote consideration, and fortunately for me I was a skinny kid)
My summer friends.
Riding around on my bright red banana seat bike with tennis balls and coloured straws between the spokes.
Trying to keep up with my brother and his friends doing wheelies and riding over home-made ramps.
who needs a BMX..? I'll show 'em...
watching Captain Kangaroo, Santa Barbara and The Price is Right in the middle of the day...because I could.
ahh.. good times.
But I was thinking that in a few short years lulu will be starting school. gulp.
On one hand I'll be so excited for her, and on the other I'll be holding back the tears.
My little baby will be starting school for the first time.
will her experiences be completely different from mine?
will she love school and do well? will she make lots of friends and will her teacher like her?
Okay I have to stop thinking about this, talk about self inflicted unnecessary anxiety.
She's only 15 (16 tomorrow) months old for god's sake!
we have nothing but time.
But this summer flew by. It's the most over used cliché around here lately,
but Time really does Fly.
Some things don't really change that much though.
I am looking forward to a new season, fresh start so to speak.
And I'd be lying if I said I couldn't wait to wear my new argyle sweater..only this time I traded the polyester for cashmere....


Gabriella said...

Alot of your summer memories really hit home! Thanks for reminding me how fun my summers were!

kittenpie said...

I love the change of seasons! I'm sort of percolating a post about them in my head, actually, about how they each have their own rhythms and smells and sounds. But yeah, I think I love the change more than any one season, as it comes just as things are getting old.

Cheryl said...

I'm an academic, so I always get that September back-to-school feeling. The anticipation of new beginnings! My son is only 14 months, but I've just bought him some new Fall clothes -- very preppy clothes...

This has been a wonderful summer. My 'little one' has truly evolved into a little boy who walks, talks, and laughs. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Naomi said...

Nice memories. I always get that melancholy feeling come a student, and as a teacher.

This year I'm not going back, which is strange. (I'll be on maternity leave)

And my son, who is 20 months, is actually starting school next week. Granted, it's only 2 mornings per week, but I know I'll cry. He's growing up!