Friday, August 11, 2006

market mania

I wish I could say that I picked these from my very own organic garden in my backyard...
but no, they were bought just like the rest of the food that we eat.
But I did get to meet the person who quite possibly grew and picked them.
There are so many fantastic local fruits and veg available at the moment.
tis' the season and I'm feeling very jolly.
I have been doing the rounds to all the organic farmer's markets,
and there really are some fantastic foods available.
We went to the Dufferin Grove market yesterday.
It's a great park, and the market is small but offers some good finds.
I picked up some delicious sweet potato bread and had a really delicious kamut, zucchini and apricot muffin to tide me over until dinner.
Big daddy couldn't resist the fresh garlic chive sour dough bread. really great but pass the breath mints.
I also got a bag of mini buns for lulu which offered a sampling selection of all their breads.
the beet bread is awesome, and she loved it.
That about covers our carb intake for a while.
I also scored some golden and candy cane beets.
Can't wait to roast them and mix them with the beautiful beet top greens and some crumbled goats cheese.
There was some beautiful swiss chard, kale, purple beans, fresh onions and fresh garlic as well.
Lulu dove face first (literally as we were sitting on a blanket on a hill) into a pint of wild Ontario blueberries.
she was wearing a purple sun-dress so the berries kind of blended in nicely.
There isn't a huge selection of things but what they have is organic, fresh and inexpensive.
We also went to the Distillery last Sunday where they host a farmer's market as well.
I recognized a lot of the same vendors but there were also some different ones.
The yellow teardrop tomatoes and huge field tomatoes that we picked up actually tasted like real tomatoes. Imagine that.
The st. lawrence is always fun on saturdays and riverdale has a market on tuesday I think.
It's so nice to eat things that are locally grown and even better if they are organic and pestiside free.
This weekend is the Niagara peach festival, which sadly I will not be attending, but I will post my all time favorite peach vanilla jam recipe soon.
It's really good, if I do say so myself.
I may have a hard time picking up fruit and veg next time I'm at Loblaws,
it's just not the same.


metro mama said...

We're big fans of St. Lawrence market.

I'll check out the Distillery one.

Cheryl said...

I also do my best to feed my little family nothing but organic. This time of year, and the weeks to come, is very exciting with all the fresh bounty!! The farmers' markets are also a means of survival for the local farmers and venders.

Sheena said...

Picked up a big basket of field tomatoes and gorgeous corn at a roadside stand on hwy 15 this weekend.

Cooked up a simple fresh tomato/garlic pasta sauce for late supper last night and had myself a big fat juicy toasted tomato & cheddar & mayo sandwich for breakfast today.

Will be trying out a Doukhabor rhubarb cake recipe sometime this week that my mother gave me and if it works out, will post it too...