Wednesday, August 09, 2006

open jar

So often through out the day I think of some profound (or at least I like to think so) subject that I want to write about.
The situation in the middle east.
the growing disparity between rich and poor in this country.
the environment.
gas guzzling suv's (see above)
our obsession with celebrities.
playground politics.
breast vs. bottle.
female friendships.
memories from the past.
Insecurities, phobias, fears..(see above)
my point is that I would love to sit down, take my time and write about stuff that really matters to me.
But the reality is that the main thing that really matters to me these days is lulu (and big daddy of course)
I want to keep things light-hearted and fun...because that's really where my head (and heart) are at the moment.
plus, whenever I do actually get a chance to sit down and write, I kind of forget everything I originally wanted to say.
I really admire some of the really talented writers out there that really wear their hearts on their..well..blogs.
It takes a lot of courage to spill some of those beans and open up.
I guess I'm not totally there yet.
Still working on that part of myself and my blog, but I'll get there eventually.
Openness..hmm..If you met me in person, I doubt you would describe me as "closed off".
I like to think of myself as open, but slightly guarded.
So for now I'll just share a little "open" jar of pure goodness with y'all.
Royal gala apples dipped in to this jar of pear, cinnamon caramel sauce is pure heaven...mmm...


ninepounddictator said...

I think you're doing just fine! A blog is whatever you want it to be, as open or as's good to have choices and options and there's room for all!

kittenpie said...

I totally get that.

Your blog is charming as it is though, so you don't need to change it if it's not comfy for you. Having worked up the nerve to do this myself, though, I would say one thing - it feels great once you jump in.

Sheena said...

You are one of two blogs I bookmarked after finding them on ninepounddictator. I'm not a mommy blogger, but I like your subject matter and writing style, PetiteGourmand. And your name, too, of course... If you want to keep it light, somewhat detached, do so. Blogs weren't intended to be diaries, but many have made it so.

It's yours. It can be anything you want. And if you cross a line you regret in the light of day, the delete key is completely under your control.