Monday, August 28, 2006

gone fishing

Had a pretty low key weekend.
Friday night we went out for dinner and rented a movie.
Finally saw Walk The Line and really enjoyed it. I was singing burning ring of fire all weekend...
Oh and Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe was fabulous. Loved it. She looked so good.
Lulu decided she wanted to stay up and hangout with mommy and daddy, and was dancing all around to Johnny Cash.
(and making DouDou her bunny dance with her)
We ended up watching her more than the movie, she was very entertaining to say the least.
I figured, big deal, it's one night, she feels like being with us a little longer, let's indulge her...
I had full intentions of hitting the gym both Saturday and Sunday, but I just didn't feel like it.
Instead I felt like hanging out with my two favourite people, reading the paper, sipping coffee and listening to music on a rainy weekend.
screw the crunches, and cardio. The muffin top can be banished another day.
Besides, I did manage to make it a few times during the week, so I didn't feel too guilty.
We made an attempt to check out the Busker-fest down on Front st.
It was absolutely packed with people.
I am VERY claustrophobic, and got tired of getting my flip-flops stepped on so we didn't stay long.
We watched some balloon "artists" but the line-up to get one was ridiculous, so we just checked them out from the side lines.
lulu was mesmerized.
I just kept thinking that their fingers must be so sore by the end of the day.
Unfortunately that was about all we had the patience for, and I was paranoid that someone was going to ram into lulu's tiny knees in her stroller or brush up against us with a cigarette.
Why do people smoke in crowded public places anyhow?
we actually wanted to stop into the St. Lawrence market to pick up some fresh fish at Dominic's fish market.
My second favourite fish monger aside from Pisces on Yonge st.
I decided to make some home-made shrimp wontons for dinner.
I don't know what it is about rainy weekends, but I always get in the mood for dim-sum, so I figured I would make my own.
Very easy, and very delicious.
Mince some shrimp, (pork or chicken)
add some grated lemon rind, garlic, chopped water chestnuts, salt and pepper, wrap in a wonton wrapper and viola,
home-made dumplings.
Next time I might add some chopped peanuts and coriander to pork..mmmm.
we also had some steamed bass with bokchoy with a lemongrass chilli sauce.
I love frozen dumplings as well and I actually found some curried lamb ones that are excellent.
but there is something extra tasty about dumplings that you make yourself.
Unfortunately during dinner, Lulu was screaming from her crib the entire time, Full-On-Temper-tantrum.
Throwing out all the pillows, blankets and even the sacred DouDou.
someone decided she wasn't interested in going to bed at 8:00 on the weekends and wants to stay up to party with mommy and daddy....
We indulged her one night, did we make a mistake in doing that? damn.
eventually we let her exhaust herself and we drown out the screams with several glasses of excellent wine that Big daddy picked up from Vintages (can't remember the name of the wine but it was very good and very effective..)
we sat on the front porch listening the the rain, sipping our wine...
and okay I confess...holding Lulu in her blanket as she slept....damn...she has us by the balls....
Can I help it if she can't get enough of us?
but it's Monday, looks like she is back on track...sleeping soundly right on schedule.
I do love mondays.


metro mama said...

Love Walk the Line. Love dim sum. Sounds like a good weekend.

indigo herself said...

wow dumplings you made yourself. you are a star. i hope we cross paths some day, i think we love alot of the same things.

sunshine scribe said...

I'm not big on foot-trampling crowds myself but I hadn wanted to go to busker fest.

I still need to see Walk the Line!

petite gourmand said...

Indigo, I can't seem to find your blog.
where are u?
I would love to check it out.

indigo herself said...

here you go: