Sunday, August 13, 2006

no monkey business

we are off on yet another adventure in the sky.
this will be lulu's fifth time in a plane.
I'm not overly thrilled about flying tomorrow.
All these new restrictions sound like one big hassle (as if travelling with a 15 month old toddler isn't hassle enough)
I understand why these restrictions need to be in place.
On one hand, I'm grateful for the extra security measures.
On the other, I'm thinking...
longer line ups= greater opportunity for lulu to get restless and start fussing and freaking out.
which = more anxiety for mommy (who is always anxious flying, regardless of the latest security measures)
NO juice, water or sippy cups allowed. what the..???
Only baby formula, which the mother must drink in front of security...uh, yuck.
formula is pretty nasty, not looking forward to taking a swig of it at 7 a.m.
I still can't figure out why lulu actually likes the stuff, though she mostly drinks regular milk now.
I keep the canned 12-18 month old transition stuff incase of emergencies.
I guess tomorrow will have to fall into that category.
No bottled water for me. big drag. so much for staying hydrated (and sane).
But worst lip gloss!!!
There is sure to be many a pair of parched and chapped lips roaming the airports.
I always like to "freshen up" before we land, so that I don't feel like a complete slob when we arrive at our destination.
It's bad enough that my hair is usually matted at the back from rubbing against the polyester headrest.
My skin undoubtedly gets a tad more...shall we say..shiny when travelling,
which of course leads up to a lovely blemish to contend with. Nice.
But now I can't apply my beloved Origins #20 pink sands, which has a touch of peppermint so it doubles as a breath freshener.......argh...
In all seriousness,
I'm glad that things have tightened up at the airport, it's far better than the alternative.
What a bunch of idiots these terrorists are to want to blow up innocent people...
don't they know that they are really ruining it for us lip gloss wearing mamas?
Fortunately, it's only a four hour flight.
where to? you might be wondering...
That will remain a surprise.
Because that's what we are doing. My mom, lulu and I.
We are embarking on a big surprise trip for someone (very near and dear to us)'s 85 birthday....
ooops I'm going to give it away.
I just hope we don't give the ol' doll a heart attack.
I mean, is it really wise to sneak up on an 85 year old and yell
I certainly hope so.


mp said...

Good luck on your trip. It doesn't make sense that you can't have lip gloss. Eventually they will make everyone ride naked in the planes.

When it comes to that, I think I'll take the train.

Sheena said...

It'll be fine. I actually flew last Thursday night and zipped through security in less than 10 minutes (in Winnipeg, mind you). Four hours is a long flight with a kid, but you'll be able to get water and juice onboard. Makes me wonder if the business class amenity packs have been rooted out, for fear of the one-serving size tooth paste and facial spritzers.

I thought civilization as we know it had ended when the Maple Leaf Lounge free-pour bar was in lockdown. Sigh.

kittenpie said...

Can you take a sippy cup empty and get some water or juice on the plane, or are they serving *absolutely* nothing? Ugh, what a crappy time to be flying with a toddler. I hope it all goes fine - I'll keep my fingers crossed.

sunshine scribe said...

Good luck on your trip and enjoy the surprise!

Gabriella said...

Have fun on your trip
btw we surprised my grandmother when she was 75 and she survived! lol...she said it was the greatest present ever.

Kristin said...

between no lip gloss and no visine or toothpaste, i am going to be one offensive creature upon all arrivals!

hope the surprise went well!

HeatherJ said...

I hope your trip was a big surprise without any heart stopping moments. I am sure that Lulu was a perfect traveler, at least I really hope she was.