Sunday, April 22, 2007

april update

I haven't been feeling very blog-ish lately.
Not that I haven't had a million things and ideas swirling around in my head.
I just haven't had the time or the energy to sit down
or more specifically, stand at the kitchen counter where I usually spend most of my time on the computer, and write about anything in particular.
so here are a few random things that have been going on in my life this past week.

Not to go on about the sleep (or lack-there-of) around here, but I can't help myself.
because let's face it, getting a decent nights sleep can make all the difference when it comes to pretty much everything in life.
at least for me.
Anyhow, out of the blue last week my mother-in-law suggested we try something a little different when it comes to Lulu's bed time ritual.
she must have e.s.p. and known that we were feeling completely defeated.
her words "I think little Lulu is working you guys & I think you need to show her who's in charge, because she's a smart little thing and already knows how to get her way with you two"
her suggestion:
Just read her a story, then just simply put her in her crib, say goodnight, see you in the morning and turn off the lights and leave the room. if we haven't tried that.
actually....come to think of it, I don't really think we have tried it.
at least not that easily.
hmmm maybe she's on to something?
so simple.
For months we have been rocking, back rubbing, reading story after requested story, slowly tiptoeing out of the room hoping we don't step on a creaky floorboard and wake her, then she would cry begging us to stay and we would do it all over again.
Total drama.
who indeed is in charge?
well I tried the new "method" if you can call reading ONE story and just simply saying goodnight a "method", and lord have mercy! It worked!!
AND it has continued to work all week long!
bed by 8ish up at 6-7ish.
no wake ups.
no fuss.
in fact last night when I said goodnight, Lulu said "night night, love you mommy."
holy cow, I feel like an idiot.
why didn't we just do this before. so simple, and so effective.
The regular naps at 1:30-3:30 also seem to be helping.
So now I officially think my mother-in-law is a genius.
I love you bingo betty, you are my hero.

so as a result of all this quality sleep both big daddy and I are starting to feel a little more human.
I've managed to go to the gym a few times this week (as a result can barely move my arms or sit down without wincing- my glutes are killing me)
but it is so worth it because I love exercising, it makes me feel so much better about myself.
well that and it helps alleviate some of the guilt associated with my love of food and eating.
we also managed to go out a few times to a few different restaurants this week.
I might be doing a bit of restaurant reviewing over at toronto mommybloggers.
more details to follow.
stay tuned.

Big daddy decided to be a manly man and cancel his weekly mani/pedi appointment
(a slight exaggeration) and spend two full days laying flagstone in our backyard.
each stone is about 80lbs each x 40ish...
he was hot n' sweaty and probably even got a few callouses but the end result looks fantastic and I am quite impressed.
especially because big daddy is more of a "let's just call someone" kinda guy.
he draws the line a gardening though, and we have decided to enlist the help of a professional landscaper to do the garden this year.
Maybe hiring a professional is a better way to go, especially when it comes to keeping the peace in a marriage.
as manly as he was this weekend, I wasn't digging the
"you woman! get me beer..I thirsty" & "you woman! get me food. I hungry." attitude.

Speaking of professionals...
I am definitely more of a behind the scenes kinda gal.
I'm responsible for making things look pretty in various magazines and ads.
that's my job.
I really enjoy it, and although I'm only working part time, I still manage to do a few decent projects that I guess you could say I'm proud of.
Check out this months issue of Today's Parent, I have a few stories that I produced and styled.
But making a kids room or a birthday gift look pretty is one thing, making myself look good is a whole other story.
I have been asked to do a few episodes of a certain show on a certain network.
I've been on tv twice before and it wasn't pretty either time.
the worst part is that both shows are still running and we shot them almost 4 years & tv..hmm..not such a great combo.
at least that's my opinion.
but I'll find out more details next week, and hopefully this time it will be fun.
But this also means many more trips to the gym are required.
that is of course if I can actually walk tomorrow..

and speaking of tomorrow..
I hope tomorrow is a beautiful as it has been for the past several days.
we went from winter straight into summer.
hey what happened to spring?
I watched An Inconvenient Truth last night and let's just say that as much as the weather is much appreciated, it feels a little weird that it is 27 degrees in April.
But it's far too nice out for me to complain about the weather or the weirdness of it.
But I think this movie deserves it's own post and really got me thinking about how I can make a difference.

that's all for now, I've burned through my naptime/blogging time.
fingers crossed that things continue in this positive direction.


Gabriella said...

Oooh I can't wait to read your posts on MBT. I write there giving some recipies but hey who am I kidding, your's will be awesome!
It's funny how sometimes our parents/in laws often hit the nail on the head with our children. Same thing happened to me last summer with my mom and how we were putting her to sleep. That's great that Lulu's able to fall asleep on her own. Can't wait till Samantha will do that.
And your job is too cool for words. I've actually subscribed to House & Home for over 10 years and now when I read the magazine I often wonder if any of the photo shoots are yours.

amanda said...

Congrats on the sleep! Sounds like things are really looking up... I'm definitely interested in hearing more about the Today's Parent stuff and the possible TV thing. Oh, and what you thought of An Inconvenient Truth. We are recycling fiends and have been working on completely switching over to CFL's. We had been prior to the movie... but I have to say, it was quite a motivator to do even more.

tracy said...

bravo on it all!! xo

Annemarie said...

When you were talking TV I totally identified (no I'm not up for any shows) but I am doing some press for my upcoming book and I got my hair done this weekend for it and I swear it's orange instead of blonde. Everyone assures me that's it, but I envision myself on TV having to cook (oh joy!) with orange hair. Gulp. Plus can't seem to shake my blubby mummy tummy even though the rest of me is shrinking and will have to invest in some Spanx to combat that...

The link to Today's Parent didn't work - is it the April or May issue?

crazymumma said...

I cannot believe it worked. Count your blessings. No. In fact go sacrifice something to some deity. NOW!

Lisa b said...

I cannot believe that bedtime trick worked. So happy for you but seriously can not believe it.
I can't wait to see you on TV.

cinnamon gurl said...

Hey I'm starting at MBT too, about gardening with native plants. Except i'm a lazy gardener so it's not so much about the act of gardening as it is about thinking about gardening.

Anyways... on the sleep thing, we just nightweaned, which I thought would be a big production, but it wasn't, and the results are promising. I started to think maybe we should have done this sooner, but maybe it's more that we did it at just the right time, when he was ready.

Did she cry much between saying goodnight and falling asleep? Or was she totally cool with it?