Sunday, April 29, 2007

dress up

new season+ new age+ new size= needs new wardrobe.
And I'm not just talking about Lulu, this goes for me as well.
I love all the seasons but really, it's a never ending cycle of having to get new clothes all the time.
It's great to lose all the baby weight, but this means that all the spring clothes from last year are too big on me.
lulu of course has the opposite problem, all her spring/summer things from last year are now too small.
Then there's the needing different clothes for different activities thing.
Playground clothing is much different from working and going out clothing.
I learned that the hard way last year after trashing one too many pairs of cute shoes and dry clean only Capri's at the park with Lulu.
this year I plan on being prepared.
practical easy to wash and wear clothes and shoes.
enter Joe Fresh.
My new favourite place to pick up cheap, relatively stylish, practical clothing.
Bonus is that it's at the grocery store.
One stop shopping at it's best.

soy milk-check
gold fish crackers-check
toilet paper-check
stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner-check, check, check
$10 cute olive green striped 3/4 sleeve cotton v-neck-check
$29 belted cotton four pocket army jacket-check
$19 silver pointed toe comfortable and not cheap looking ballet flats-check
It's great.
I have no idea how they make money with the prices being so low, but I'm lovin it.
The only bummer is that all the size 4's are the first to go, which means I end up saving even more money because they are usually sold out of things in my size.
Canadians must have the largest wardrobes on the planet.
with four very distinct seasons you need a little bit of everything.
from parkas & ponchos & winter boots, to linen pin tuck blouses, halter dresses & peep toe espadrilles.
I love fashion, but sometimes I find it all a bit exhausting (especially for my visa card)
But Joe fresh has made clothing shopping just a little bit easier, who knew grocery shopping could be so fun?
I just wish they had kids clothing.
I'm sure Lulu does too, the kid sure does love channeling her inner fashionista.

oh and a little shout out to our favourite globe trotting gal JB who is somewhere in Japan at the moment, Lulu loves all your fabulous accessories and cool hats.
see above photo.
can we come over and play dress up again when you get back?
fun fun.


Gabriella said...

I discovered Joe Fresh earlier this year and was really surprised!!!
And look at you with your size 4's :-) One day I say to myself one day!!!

amanda said...

Ok. You can have Target any day... I want some Joe Fresh!!! Supercute! And so cheap. Love it.

metro mama said...

I'm LOVING Joe Fresh.

Laural said...

I love the Joe Fresh stuff too - and it's simple enough that you can't tell where it's from. Love it.
And, don't worry - it's not me buying all the size 4's!!!

Anonymous said...

good news... kids clothes from Joe coming soon !!

Ms. Porter said...

Petite, I will have to wrestle you for the size 4's!!! Nnnaaa, I'm in the burbs baby, I've got to drive 20 mins or more to find me some Joe Fresh. I guess it's about time I take the drive to check it out.

kittenpie said...

I wish I had a Joe Fresh outlet handy... the Loblaws near us isn't a superstore. Boo.

I love how Lulu gets dressed up not in gawdy glittery accessories, but totally chic, Chanel-esque stuff. So urbane!