Wednesday, April 04, 2007

pass the matzo

We celebrated passover with a record breakingly fast Seder this year.
Lulu has skipped her naps for two days in a row, so when dinner time rolled around, needless to say, we had a small window of time before the matzo hit the fan.
But quick as it was, it was nice to keep up with traditions as abbreviated as they might be.
I make a pretty mean Seder dinner (if I do say so myself) at least as good as a Goyisha can make.
Brisket of beef, Tzimmes, matzo ball soup, gefilite fish with fresh beet horseradish and Charoset.
Big daddy was loving having all his favourite foods from childhood.
Lulu, not so much.
I thought she might like a bit of our dinner, but no.
She did however love dipping the "bitter herb" into the salt water and licking it.
oh well, at least it's a start.
I make more of a big deal about the major Jewish holidays than big daddy does, but I think it's because I find them so interesting and want to learn more about them.
Well that and I find it sexy when I get to hear big daddy speaking hebrew..
I also want lulu to know about both sides of her family and to understand why traditions are so important.
Unfortunately it was just the three of us this year (as usual) as big daddy's family doesn't live close by.
I managed to send a bunch of photos to big daddy's parents who also spent passover alone.
Thank-god for digital photos and email.
I'm envious of big family gatherings, they just seem so much more fun.
Even for Easter this weekend it will just be the three of us.
At least we will be spending good Friday with my parents.
but that's just the way it is when you have a small family that is scattered across the globe.
Although we weren't all together we were thinking of them all.
happy Passover & Easter..

on another note:
finally it seems as though lulu is starting to sleep through the night again.
usually in bed by 7:30-8 without a fuss, and sleeps until 6-7ish.
the only problem is that now I am completely screwed up and can't fall asleep because I was getting so used to functioning on next to no sleep or interupted sleep.
nothing like writing a post at 1 a.m.
or maybe it was the chocolate bar that I ate at 10 p.m....hmmm.


Ms. Porter said...

Hmmm, the inlaws living far away? I don't think I'd mind that too much! I know not nice. We get family/holiday overload as we have lots of family close by and big family gatherings. I wouldn't mind a happy medium.

tracy said...

happy passover to you! our seder (unfortunately!) wasn't record breaking. but it was yummy. and i love seeing all the kids scrambling for the afikomen. have a lovely easter too.

kittenpie said...

That's the momsomnia!

Wow, twice the holidays, since it seems you're doing both - I couldn't cope. the seder always seems like a really lovely ritual, though.

Gabriella said...

I love a big family; when everyone gets along! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
I agree I think our girls would get along great!
Happy Easter to you as well!