Monday, April 23, 2007

happy birthday Lulu

Dear sweet Lulu,
it goes without saying that this past year has literally flown by.
It's hard to believe this time last year you were still just crawling.
now you are walking, running, dancing, hopping, climbing and even trying to skip.
A year ago you were just saying a few sort of words like mama, dada & birdie.
now you are chatting up a storm.
not only are you forming full sentences but you love telling whole stories and even singing.
Much to our delight.
I love the sound of your tiny voice (and sometimes not so tiny when you are ticked off) and being able to understand and help you, at least for the most part.
You are a great little helper and you love hanging out with big daddy & I.
Especially at home. You absolutely love being at home.
Not that you don't love going out and exploring the great big world around you, but you love the comforts of home.
I can totally relate.
You are extremely affectionate and always smother us with kisses and hugs every day especially first thing in the morning.
It absolutely makes both of our days.
You are really sweet with other children and know how to share and be extra gentle and kind.
You get a little shy when strangers smile at you but I think secretly you love flirting whenever you get the opportunity.
You are very particular about certain things and like being clean.
you don't like getting dirty (the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in this department) and are so delicate and feminine.
a real girlie girl.
You have an infectious laugh and it brings us so much joy knowing that you are happy and having fun.
Speaking of bringing joy, you have brought so much joy to so many people.
Especially your grandparents.
lucky you have two grandmas and two grandpas.
And even luckier you have a great grandma who loves you very much.
They adore you and look forward to each visit with you.
you have come along way over this past year, going from baby to a little girl.
Though you still refer to yourself as "baby" and even make little baby cries and faces..
you are quite theatrical.
and we love you even more for it.
I will miss Lulu the baby, but I am so looking forward to watching Lulu the little girl grow and change (just not so fast)
So today you are two.
I think we might be in for a bit of an interesting year, with you becoming more and more curious about the world around you.
There may be a few bumps and bruises along the road, but know that I am and will always be here for you.
watching you develop and grow with pride and with more love than you could possibly imagine.
we received THE most precious gift on april 24 2005.
so happy birthday Lulu, I hope your day is filled with fun and laughter.

love mom xo


Anonymous said...

Hey Foxy Mama, you just made me cry.(seriously, I'm in the studio trying to hide my face behind a computer)
I concur. Our little Lulu has been the greatest joy that a person could ever receive.
Happy Birthday my little love. I can't wait to get home and eat ice cream cake!! have fun at the zoo.

scarbie doll said...

Happy Birthday Lulu. You make 2 look fabulous!

Gabriella said...

So sweet, so precious. She's adorable. Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lulu!

tracy said...

happy birthday sweet girl. and happy day to mama and papa too! xo

Mrs. Chicky said...

Happy Birthday, Lulu!!

Mama, she is so big! Happy birth day to you, too.

Ms. Porter said...

happy bday lulu!

amanda said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Lulu! You are a a lucky little girl and I hope all of your wishes come true. Happy #2!

Annemarie said...

Your birthday wishes for Lulu made me tear up a little, they were lovely. And so is her coat!

Lisa b said...

Happy Birthday Lulu!
What a sweet little picture.

kittenpie said...

Happy Birthday Lulu!
And mama - I looove her coat!
Pumpkinpie's birthday is Friday, I can hardly believe she's so grown. It's amazing how the birthday prompts you to look back at all they've accomplished in the past year, all the ways they've changed and changed you. How nice to be reminded every once in a while.

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! What a fab coat. Does it come in adult sizes?

crazymumma said...

aw. anonymous. we know who you are...

happy birthday lulu....may this year bring you many more joys.

metro mama said...

Happy birthday to you, Lulu.

indigo herself said...

what a sweetheart. have your cake and eat it too!