Sunday, May 27, 2007

7 year itch

It's hard to believe big daddy & I tied the knot seven years ago today.
We've been together for a decade now.
I can barely remember what life was like before Big Daddy came into my life.
It's been an amazing ten years so far.
We have had our ups & downs, but fortunately the ups far out weigh the downs.
He still makes me laugh, and does the best voice impersonations.
He always smells amazing, even after working out. How does he do that?
I call him the wonder smell.
I still love looking at his hands, strong shoulders, killer calves and his perfectly shaped lips.
(though sadly I don't kiss them as often as I should)
Oh and how could I not mention his fab hair.
The guy's got good genes.
He's a really great partner and makes me feel secure and I never doubt his love and loyalty to me.
I admire and respect him more than he probably thinks I do since I am always questioning things.
Probably unnecessary, and an annoying habit I'm sure.
I'm just one of those people I guess.
But I really don't need to question him as he is so smart.
I'm still get impressed with all the random facts he seems to know.
He can be a moody bastard some times, and it has taken me all these years to try to get used to his "low blood sugar issues".
He is also a Taurus so he tends to be ultra stubborn which drives me insane.
The toe knuckle cracking is grounds for divorce as well.
not to mention some other obscene inhuman sounds he tends to make...
But I still love him despite all the crazy noises that come out of his body.
The past couple of years since having Lulu have been pretty challenging on our relationship.
On one hand we are closer and amazed that we created such a beautiful and sweet child together.
On the other we do tend to be a bit more snappy with each other, most likely due to all the lack of sleep.
But fortunately big daddy and I were on pretty solid ground before we had Lulu, and had almost eight years alone together before the two of us became three.
the romance department is still pretty pathetic these days, but I'm confident that it will return again some day.
Because after all these years I'm still 100% sure I am with my soul mate and best friend.
Things may not always be perfect (like this weekend) but I can't imagine spending my days with anyone else.
I love you big daddy.

Happy anniversary.


metro mama said...

Happy anniversary!

Audrey said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love how honest you are with your writing. I've been a long time lurker/reader of your blog and really enjoy it.

crazymumma said...

No one promised us a Rose Garden. But from what I read of you two, you seem to spend alought of time together and that is much of the battle. (our first three years with each child were our hardest....).

Maybe you should start kissing those perfect lips more.....

Happy Anniversary!

Gabriella said...

Happy Anniversary!

Heather said...

happy anniversary. saw your spread in ch&h yesterday. i think your daughter has the most beautiful wardrobe ever. i want it. honestly though, where do you find such adorable outfits for a tiny person?

amanda said...

Very sweet... happy anniversary! Hope you had a great weekend.

Ms. Porter said...

happy anniversary!
it's seven years for hubs and i this year too. did the time seem to fly by? we've been together for eleven years now and that to me is hard to believe...yet i can't remember what it felt like not having him in my life.

i love this post, it seems so real and that's how it should be. oh, and i feel like you wrote the way i feel about my man too.

the pic at the bottom is really neat....i can't figure it out though.

indigo herself said...

your anniversary is my husband's bday. definately a special day.

kittenpie said...

Ah, sweet.
Happy anniversary to you both.
(Mine does that same thing with the smell. It's awesome!)

take two with Jane said...

I love your blog. This post almost made me cry...I hope you guys are well. Your girl is BEAUTIFUL!!

samlamb said...

How totally and utterly lovely.

Happy Anniversary to you both!