Friday, May 25, 2007

hide and seek

There are certain times of the year that things seem more hectic and full than others.
The holidays and now.
It's as though the To Do list is never ending in the spring.
Being a total list freak, I've been busily trying my best to cross as much off as I can these past few weeks.
I really like to be on top of things and totally organized all the time.
It's a bit of an obsession.
I've always been this way to a certain extent, but now it seems more than ever.
This is really the first year that we paid any real attention to our yard and gardening.
fortunately we are 99% finished.
I still have one or two more things I'd like to plant.
cross that one off the list.
It was pretty nice sitting in the backyard last night-so nice in fact, that I fell asleep out there under the stars with Lulu snuggled into me under a blanket.
Big daddy said it was sweet to watch.
I'll have to take his word for it, as I had visions of periwinkle and boxwood dancing in my head.
I've been trying to organize and edit down the storage room in the basement, which constantly seems to be overflowing with a bunch of crap.
but with the weather being so fantastic, who wants to be stuck in the basement sorting through Christmas gift-wrap and Easter eggs?
I think I'll move that one to the bottom of the list, or at least until we are in the middle of a heat wave.
Lulu will soon be ready for a new bed and so I'm trying to figure out what to do with her room.
and what to do with the old stuff.
The pressure is on, as I somehow got roped into shooting it for a story.
I guess the one stop shopping at pottery barn kids won't cut it, so I'll be hitting all the antique shops on a mission to find some great pieces for our little princess.
I have a bunch of jobs piling up and it looks like I have projects to think about and work on up until October or November.
Being freelance this is a good thing, but at times I get a little worked up about it all.
The T.V. thing starts on Tuesday and I have to admit, I'm looking forward to it, but at the same time a little nervous.
The concept is that I really don't know what exactly I'm working on until we start shooting.
The producers feel it will make things feel more authentic and spontanteous.
I agree, but sheesh..nothing like having a camera in your face and not having done any research and drawing a stupid blank stare.
uhh..I think this might look nice...duh..
I really hope this doesn't happen.
or that I look like a cow on camera.
I also want to sign Lulu up for some classes this summer to help prep her for nursery school in September.
we just finished her last library reading class this week and it was a huge success.
She really loved it.
I'm just sad it's over.
I'm amazed at how quickly programs fill up. It's all new to me, guess I should have moved that one to the top of my list back in January..

The summer is so short, and I want to make sure we get out and really embrace it.
There's so many things I'd love to do this year.
like for example

go to the zoo
go to Toronto island
go to Ontario place
cycle on the weekends
have a backyard bbq party
have a cocktail party
explore all the great trails in the city (and outside of the city)
fly a kite
play badminton
read a bunch of books
enjoy some street festivals
go to a base ball game
take a road trip
go antique hunting
make home-made jams and pickles
take lulu on lots of picnics
cycle through the wineries in Niagara on the lake
watch some fireworks with lulu and big daddy
enjoy a few girls nights out
take lulu to the beach and build sandcastles and really try not to stress about all the sand
(I'm not a big fan what can I say? it is dirt after-all..)
blow up the pool and let lulu have a ball in the back yard
take her to all the fantastic wading pools throughout the city
visit family out east
visit family out west
go up north for a weekend or two
have a few nice dinner dates with big daddy
sit under the stars
take guitar lessons
roast marsh-mellows on a camp fire
and last but not least...lulu's favourite as pictured above- play lots of hide and seek with my favourite little buddy.
what do you want to do this summer?

on a completely unrelated note, the most annoying thing happened to me the other night.
I recorded the finale to American Idol-why I still watch it is beyond me..
anyhow I watched the entire thing (only fast forwarding through, Tony Bennett, Sanjaya, and a couple of songs that the kids had already sung and when it gets to the final moments, and Ryan Seacreast sais "and the winner of American Idol is....."
the recording stopped.
how annoying.
serves me right for watching so much bloody television.
so add that to my summer list
minimal television viewing
just the final episodes of the sopranos
nip tuck
so you think you can dance
and top chef
and I think that's it.


metro mama said...

Great list. I want to do a lot of these things, but my goal is to leave the planned events to a minimum, freeing us up to do more of these things spontaneously, when we're in the mood.

Ms. Porter said...

I want to do most of what's on your list too....

I think metro mama has it right...

For me, less less less...that's what I want except for maybe s&x but that's a different post right?

MotherBumper said...

I have a few of those things on my list and now you have inspired me to add more. Which is cool, because I'm proud if I get two things done on a list like this.

And how about The Sopranos this season? Some crazy stuff going on - I'm so sad it's the last season, I'm going to miss Tony regardless of what happens to him (I have such a crush on him, that bad boy).

indigo herself said...

that's funny, we taped Lost which was after Idol and missed the last 30 seconds too because Idol ran late, and so do Lost after it. talk about a cliff hanger! good luck with the lists.

Sarah said...

But if you watch one show this summer, I am telling you...Rescue Me starts June 13th - and you won't be sorry. Just one show this summer?

Lisa b said...

Hey I saw lulu's current room in H&H. Can't wait to see your new plan or to see the new show.