Wednesday, May 02, 2007

building the nest

Oh happy days.
The sun is shining, the trees and flowers are blooming, Lulu has been sleeping like an angel these past few weeks, and finally the last of the never ending home Reno's are almost finished.
We finished the interior a while ago, with the exception of some small little finishing details, but we decided to tackle the exterior this year.
New roof, driveway, porch and stairs, repaint all the trim, new custom shed, new flagstone, new fence and deck, new outdoor furniture and last but not least all new landscaping.
I had no idea it cost so much to do the exterior of a house.
But it's so worth it.
Nothing like good curb appeal.
Though we have finally decided to lay off of the MLS listings and stop torturing ourselves by going to open houses, and have decided that this is where we will be for a while.
And why not fine tune it and make it a place we are happy with both inside and out?
Besides it looks like we will be spending most of our summer here this year.
My parents sold both their cottage and their home (with a fabulous pool) last year and are in the process of "figuring out" what and where they want to spend their golden years.
It's been a constant source of bewilderment to both big daddy and I.
They finally have a grandchild and they sold the cottage and the big house with the pool.
All they ever talked about was how amazing it would be with grandchildren up on the lake or learning how to swim at their place in the summer.
They even went as far as building a little beach on the lake for the grandchildren.
who didn't exist at the time.
I love my folks but I'm not entirely sure I fully understand why they do the things they do.
I wonder if some day Lulu will think we are crazy?
Then again I hope that by the time I'm closing in on sixty I'll be settled and not living like a gypsy somewhere, not sure what city or town I want to live in.
I think my parents have moved somewhere around 20 times so far in their lives.
and no my dad was not in the army (as I was constantly asked as a child)
they just get restless and like to flip real estate.
me on the other hand, I want to live in the same country/city/neighbourhood maybe even street for good.
This doesn't include secondary properties somewhere in the south of France..
Que Edith Piaf music and the smell of fresh lavender......
oh yes where was I? right moving.
I hate moving, and I don't think of it as an adventure
(that's what exotic vacations are for) I think of it as a major pain in the ass.
So yeah, I'm settling in for the long haul here in our eighty year old house.
I like it here.
Is it my dream house?
no, not necessarily.
But for now it's home, and I'm really looking forward to watching all the new trees that we are planting grow.
Besides, I really can't imagine having to spend another three years with our handy man..
( if you're reading, I know you know who I'm talking about and I'm sure can relate wholeheartedly)
He does a great job, but I'll be very happy when it's all said and done.
So the nest is almost finished.
slowly but surely, one twig or more accurately, one two by four at a time..


metro mama said...

I hear you. Sean (who's moved a lot) says he's leaving this house in a pine box.

I'd rather forgo a vacation property, or a big fancy house and travel a lot.

How many bathrooms does one need?

Mrs. Chicky said...

We had some major landscaping done to our house recently. I really miss my kidney, but we had to sacrifice a few things to afford that curb appeal.

tracy said...

cliche - but home is where the heart is. sounds like yours is lovely. (that outdoor furniture - gorgeous!) have been composing an email to you in my mind. must find the time to put it down! xo

Gabriella said...

renos are tough but in the end, home is where you spend alot of time so you want it to be comfortable.
I actually like moving in some way, new start, new beginnings, I just hate the packing and unpacking, although now that we have a child I don't think we'll be moving very soon, although I am always scanning the MLS pages.

amanda said...

Isn't it great to get things exactly how you want them in the house. Love it. We're almost there... and we're planning on moving next summer. Go figure.

kittenpie said...

I'm not in love with our house, but over the next oh, decade or two, we'll turn it into what we want. Thing is, I love the location, even the block. Can't move that... (and yes, parents are all crazy, and we will be one day too, I suppose.)

Sandra said...

Renovations are hell but so worth it when you get to have it exactly the way you want.

I am the opposite ... I get terribly restless and kind of like moving. But we just decided we are staying put for a while too ... and for now I am embracing that :)