Monday, May 14, 2007

calgon take me away

Some days with Lulu are more challenging than others.
Today, I had an appointment in the morning and she was great.
Quiet, cute and well behaved.
That's my sweet girl.
Then we went to the studio and she was in high maintenance mode.
I knew she was hungry but she refused to eat a proper lunch (if you call a hand full of rice noodles a proper lunch)
She smashed a glass, had a temper tantrum and wouldn't let me change her diaper.
Oh and got a hold of some sharpies that she refused to surrender, no matter how much I tried to bribe her.
Yes I've actually had to start using bribery tactics already.
Kids and sharpies are a lethal combination (especially in an all white photo studio)
All of this of course took place in front of some work peers, which made me even more tense.
I'm trying my best to be professional and composed while holding a squirming screaming over tired two year old under one arm.
I can't even remember how many times I apologized and or made excuses for her behavior.
"This is new to us" and "she's probably just really tired and hungry-gotta love that low blood sugar thing" or "her teeth are probably bothering her"
and finally "maybe she was possessed by the devil?"
I made a quick exit and begrudgingly drove home.
putting the kibosh on any plans I had to get some things done today.
She wailed most of the way home, announcing that she wants her "daaaaaady" and that
"I not tired!"
eventually passing out five minutes from home.
I tried the ol' car to house transfer, that 99% of the time works, but not today.
almost two hours later, plenty of tears and many long very deep breaths by me, she has finally fallen asleep.
Not every day can be happy happy I realize this.
I also think part of it, is that I am at the end of my rope and need a little alone time.
Being a mother is amazing, but 24/7 gets to you after a while.
everyone needs a break.
even just a hour at the gym would help take the edge off.
She's only two and for the most part is a complete sweet pea, but today she was really pushing my buttons.
Today is also a day where I found myself realllly envying full time working mothers with good child care.
most of the time I'm super grateful for the opportunity to work part time/ free lance and look after Lulu full time.
today...not so much.
is 3 p.m. to early for a vodka martini?


Cheryl said...

First, once again, Lulu's coat is to die for. I also admire your ability to work with Lulu present - what a wonderful balance. My little one is usually wonderful and charming in public and a complete terrior at home.

Ms. Porter said...

Nope, 3pm is not too early for a vodka martini!

My nearly 2 year old has been up to similar tricks. I got off really easy with my oldest who didn't really go through that phase...she did other stuff.

Hope you get some alone time.

metro mama said...

I've had those days. Thankfully, they don't happen often!

amanda said...

I find myself envying full time working moms as well... some days are just painful with all of the temper tantrums and screaming and pinching and slapping. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with needing some alone time. Every week (if it works with E's schedule) I take a few hours (or most of the day) on Sunday and do whatever I want. I don't think I could be a SAHM without it.

Sarah said...

Lucy has gotten so used to those long deep breaths that she'll ask "why did you just do (mimic sighs), Mom?"
They miss nothing....but tomorrow will be better!

crazymumma said...

Make me one while you are at it. And what is it with sharpies and small children anyway?

Hope you feel better. She is only two, she is doing what nature intended (although WHY nature intended that I am yet to understand). Some days can just blow you out of the water.

Gabriella said...

I'll join you on that vodka martini!!!!
I know these kind of days really well!

MotherBumper said...

No and shake one up for me too please. That day sounded so familiar (except replace cool photo studio with coworkers with the grocery store and my neighbours).

kittenpie said...

Honey, I hear you. Hell, working, stay-at-home, or some comi of the two, some days just suck. Pumpkinpie has been making me bonkers lately, and I am feeling the need for some time, too! I'm in for martinis...

Gabriella said...

PG, just got my latest issue of H&H in the mail, her room is gorgeous!!!!! Samantha also shares her middle name with Lulu!
You have a real talent for designing.

Laural said...

Been there! And still am there so often. I think days like that make you appreciate how great your child usually is.
I have learned to always keep candy in my purse for when we need sudden bribery. (it sometimes works).
And, also, when Matt falls asleep in the car (nap time) I can never transfer him. If I have time I often drive to our drive-thru Starbucks, get myself a latte, turn to the station I enjoy and chill. It does look odd to some people - but really, I don't care.

samlamb said...

Ah, toddlers.

Being with Lulu full time is awesome. You'll forget these button pushing days soon enough, but you'll never forget all the time you got to spend with her.

(Huh - I guess today is one of those days I envy you! Full time working means you always need me-time and desperately crave more toddler-time.)

Cheers to the martini!