Wednesday, May 16, 2007

waiting in line

Oh so many deep thoughts to post about today on a rainy Wednesday afternoon..
Paris and her pending incarceration.
or maybe
David Hasselhoff's public drunken humiliation.
or the always on my mind,
Brangelina, trouble in paradise?
or who's going home tonight?
Blake, Melinda or Jordin?
I'm thinking Jordin.
Just a hunch.
I do try not to pay too much attention to the tabloids, but how can you not when you are stuck in line at the grocery store?
Then again, I usually check out all the cooking magazines as well.
I was recently inspired by spring version of good ol' spaghetti & meatballs but with a little twist.
this is my version
Spaghetti with Spring Meatballs

Kamut Spaghetti (or regular)

place 1 slice of bread in 1/4 cup of milk to soak.
add 1 lb of ground veal (or ground turkey)
2 tablespoons of chopped mint, basil and lemon rind.
1/2 cup of ground parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and mix well.
make into small meatballs and fry in nonstick frypan in batches until slightly browned. place meatball into oven @ 355f for around 3-5 minutes or until cooked through.
in frying pan add 2 tlbs of butter, 2 cloves of sliced garlic and 1 bulb of very thinly sliced fennel.
then add pasta, and around two cups of baby arugula and the meatballs.
top with a little extra cheese add crack a nice bottle of semillon sauvignon.
I did.


tracy said...

this sounds (and looks) so so good! (does lulu like the kamut?)

crazymumma said...

That poor kid (DH's daughter).

MotherBumper said...

Where can I find kamut spaghetti? Bumper loves kamut puffs and I'm an ancient grain junkie.

And don't even get me started on celebrity talk (Hi, my name is MotherBumper and I am an US weekly addict).

Sheena said...

Oh neat. never heard of kamut. like the idea of throwing argula into the mix. I love argula in warm salads and now think I'd like it in pasta too.

kittenpie said...

You know, much as I love to think that Ms. Hilton will get her comeuppance and maybe even learn something... I doubt it. Bet her cell's pretty cushy, despite the salacious speculations we laughed at in the grocery store line last night.