Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mother's day

Really, shouldn't everyday be mother's day?
Lulu & I spent the first half of the weekend with my mom.
we had such a nice visit.
Perfect weather for a picnic in a park overlooking an apple orchard.
My mom has more way more energy and patience than I do, and is often mistaken for Lulu's mother and not grandmother.
She totally loves that and isn't too quick to correct them.
I'm really lucky that she is still so young and healthy.
The big advantage of having me when she was only twenty.
Twenty, I can't imagine.
I was so self absorbed and so far from being ready to be a mother when I was twenty.
Anyhow, she's been in remission from breast cancer for almost fifteen years now, and it's easy to take that for granted.
It was pretty scary when she was sick and it's easy to want to try to forget that period of time.
I'm just so grateful that she made a full recovery.
Not just for my own sake but for Lulu's as well.
she is one helluva grandmother too.
So it's good that there's a specific date on the calender to remind us to celebrate and cherish the women that gave us life.
so happy mother's day mom, I love you more than I probably show it and definitely more than I ever say it...

I have to admit, it's also nice to be celebrated.
Lulu has been saying happy mother's day for over a week now and I swear it's the cutest thing ever.
There really is no need for pesticides, just hang out with a two year old and she will pick every dandelion in sight.
I have quite the collection of yellow "flowers" hand picked by my little gardener.

So happy mother's day to everyone.
I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.


metro mama said...

It's been a good one. Mimosas and pancakes for breakfast. Right now I'm sipping Cotes du Rhone while McH grills us some steaks.

Mother's Day should be every day indeed.

Ms. Porter said...

happy mothers day to you too. it sure is a good thing...this being a mom. love the pics as usual.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day was had by all.

That dress on Lulu is gorgeous!

amanda said...

Happy Mother's Day! Love Lulu's hat... and dress. Supercute.

Gabriella said...

Happy Mom's Day!
Your mom is quite beautiful. Such gorg pics!!!
I love Lulu's dress.

MotherBumper said...

Late to the game but Happy Mother's Day and I gotta say: 20! OMG! I was far to immature and selfish at that age. But oh, to have the energy of a 20 year old to chase a toddler. Your mom sounds amazing. Happy Mother's Day to you both :)

kittenpie said...

Happy mom's day to you! pumpkinpie's lovely daycare primed her to tell me that and hug me tight, which was nice. (over and over, I might add. Yes!) My mom had me young too, but through a combination of factors, she looks like the granny on Beverly Hillbillies.