Monday, March 26, 2007

blast from the past

I'm one of those people that when she sees something to eat, she must go and find that specific something and eat it.
Thank-god for Rogers on Demand (tivo), no more commercials for me to watch=no more food temptations.
But while reading the Saturday morning paper, I came across an article about Montreal Smoked meat.
Aargh-there's no escaping food temptations.
As soon as I put the paper down I was on a quest to find the perfect Montreal smoked meat on rye,
but in the city of Toronto.
Okay, well maybe not the perfect sandwich place, but somewhere close by, respectable and preferably child friendly.
We figured we would go to a deli on Yonge st. near the Eaton's center.
Kill two birds with one stone as I had some stuff I had to return to Old Navy.
(Lulu is officially now a size 2T...who knew?)
So we do the returns, and find ourselves in front of Mr. GreenJeans in the Eaton's Center.
Now, this is probably the last place I would ever consider as a place to go to eat.
I mean the last time I ate there I was in high-school, using fake I.D. to order Black Label beer and calamari (no id necessary for the squid) which seemed oh so exotic back in 1987.
But the place has had a face-lift, and was bright and quite nice (for a mall restaurant)
The service was excellent, they had highchairs and a kids menu, it's in a super convenient location, had a nice view and the food was surprisingly good.
really good.
Big daddy had the burger with a side of mac & cheese (+$2) for little miss lulu.
I had my Montreal smoked meat sandwich on rye with a side salad.
Was it as good as Schwarz's or Ben's (which is sadly no longer) in Montreal?
hell no.
But it's as good as it could be,
They don't call it "Toronto" smoked meat after all.
Another food craving satisfied.
Well that is until I flip through Delicious magazine this month..


...and so on it goes said...

Petite Gourmande, your posts always look soooo fantastic. How do you get the outline around the photos? Do you have to do it before you import them.....I must know!!!!

You are my blog muse :-)

metro mama said...

I haven't been to Mr. G in about 15 years! That sandwich looks good.

tracy said...

ohmy. mr. greenjeans. how could i have forgotten you?? (note to self - try to get back to t.o. soon!!) thanks for the memory...

Gabriella said...

I remember Mr.Greenjeans, it was such a big thing when I was in high school!
Your pictures are yummy and I think we have the same chandelier!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the little visit yesterday - the smile your daughter puts on my face is unbelievable!
it was great to see you guys, and i'm just sorry my visit was so short!
in the very least i got to say "good bye" for now, and see you in six weeks when i'm back, all ready to work hard, be inspired, and hopefully not battling any weird stomach virus. xo jb

Heather said...

it may be far, but next time you have a hankering for montreal smoked meat you can visit centre street deli in vaughan. Their owners are from Montreal (snowdon deli)... mmmmm...

myredwagon said...

We were just there last week doing the same thing. We had to run into old navy and it was getting late, so we decided to check out Mr. Greenjeans. I hadn't been there in years and was pleasantly surprised by the facelift and the food. Who knew?

Lisa b said...

Mr GreenJeans has saved my life on a couple of occasions. I tried it one day when I was running errands with my daughter and realised I was cutting it close to get home for lunch and it is now my official backup plan.

kittenpie said...

Oh, poor Lulu! I've had a crappy cold all weekend, too, and even took Monday off to recover adn catch up on some cleaning. Back at work now, but still all concrete-headed. Ugh.