Monday, March 19, 2007

dinner date

Finally..a night out with just big daddy.
No lulu, no relatives, just the two of us.
Unfortunately we only had a couple of hours as my parents had to drive back to NOTL in a snow storm, which took over three hours..(normally it's about an hour and 10-20 minutes..)
But we so appreciated being able to have an uninterrupted dinner date.
We were in dire need.
So since we were in a bit of a time crunch we booked an early seating at Cava.
They actually said they would need our table at 8:15 for a second seating which worked out well.
It's tucked away in a bit of an obscure location, but was really great.
I'm loving the whole Spanish tapas trend that seems to be finally making it's way to Toronto.
It has an extensive menu of small plates range in price from $3.50 to $24.00.
The small-plate menu features eclectic flavours that range from Spanish, Italian and French.
Cava’s in-house cured meat program features artisanal, house-made chorizo and salami, as well as dry-cured ham from eastern Italy and Northern Spain.
Over 20 wines are offered by the glass.
My kind of restaurant.
I started out with the Cava cocktail which was delish- though the sangria on the table next to ours looks mighty fine as well.
We then had the PINCHOS OF MOROCCAN GREEN SAUCE & HOUSE-CURED HOMBRO kind of like bruchetta, and very good.
We then moved onto a half litre of RIOJA CRIANZA BERONIA 2004, but should have just ordered a bottle as we ended up having two, plus an extra glass or two-which the waiter free-poured at our table complimentary..
gotta love a free glass or two of wine.
so back to the food.
we then shared the CHARCUTERIA(see above photo) it was our favourite,
we finished off with the cheese plate which was good.
There is a bunch of other things I would love to try the next time we eat a Cava, because there will definitely be a next time.
It could become one of our new regular spots to eat.
The only thing I would critique is the decor.
It was designed by 3rd Uncle and for the most part has potential, but they really need to either put some art on the walls or perhaps a long mirror on the wall above the banquette so it reflects all the action at the bar, and the lights really needed to be dimmed.
Other than that, I would highly recommend Cava for a casual yet unique dining experience.
Saturday we went for a long walk and ended up at the book store and had to stop into a pub for a pint of Guinness-for big daddy and a lime & lager-for me while Lulu slept for almost three hours in her stroller.
Could this weekend get any better?
we shared an order of fresh cut fries and gravy with lots of malt vinegar- I seriously can't remember the last time we did that.
We went home with a nice warm beer buzz, lit the fire, put on some good music and I made an Irish stew for dinner.
hey, it's St. Patty's, had to do something festive.
Sunday I did a yoga class fist thing and then we checked out the St. Patricks day parade on Bloor st, Lulu loved all the ambulances and green balloons.
We happened to be near one of our favourite dim-sum restaurants, so we had to indulge.
Then a little shopping in yorkville while Lulu napped in her stroller for another two hours.
I have to say that it was such a great weekend.
Tapas, wine, pints, Irish stew, fries and gravy, shu mai, tea..mmmm.
Could it be any better?
It's so nice to indulge from time to time.
But it's salad and water time all week.
A little cleansing is in order.
well that is until next weekend..

oh and incase your'e in need of a little Tapas

1560 Yonge Street
Toronto ON
Phone: 416.979.9918


kittenpie said...

We watched a bit of the parade too, but pumpkinpie was in some kind of grumpy mood and refused to say she liked any of it, though later she told me friend about the horses, so maybe?

How nice to have some time alone. We had most of this past week off together in the days, but it was pretty chock full of errands. Still, it's nice to do stuff together in a slightly less harried fashion.

amanda said...

oooh! What a great weekend! We're in dire need of a date night... and some real food. You're so lucky you have a stroller napper... and a three hour nap, at that! Wow! Jack will not nap in his stroller. Pure craziness.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update - I'll have to check out Cava sometime! Sounds like you had a fun weekend indeed! I'd love to offer you guys Friday night if you want to drop the little one off, I can look after her! You can grab Tutti Matti, or something in the hood for dinner! I'd love to have a movie night with the little princess...and some jewelry fashion shows as well! xo jb

Ms. Porter said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend. Lucky you!

Sarah said...

Hhmmm...I have a hot birthday dinner Wednesday night and have been thinking about Tapas. I may indulge now...

metro mama said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend.

I love tapas too. We always order way too much though. I want to try everything.

Cheese (and wine of course) is my favourite way to end a meal.

tracy said...

sounds perfect. i love tapas too. (and wine and pints and stew and fries...)

Gabriella said...

I'll add this restaurant to my list of places to try. Your weekend was AMAZING. And I echo Amanda's sentiments above, you are so lucky to have a stroller napper!!!

indigo herself said...

cool. will have to check it out. yumola!

Lisa b said...

I cannot wait to not be pregnant and eat runny cheeses, smoked meats and DRINK again.
Cave is on my list.

I am very jealous of lulu's naps.
my child did not do that.

Lisa b said...

Oh and my chandelier is from Home Depot.
Is your article coming in house and home? I need to get one for the other room.

Sheena said...

Arrgh.. you kill me! so many people have recommended Cava to me so far and haven't gone yet. Apparently the foie gras is to swoon over. I need to just get over there and quit procrastinating.