Wednesday, March 14, 2007

melrose and cRoc

Well I must do a little gloating and say that Lulu's vocabulary is developing at lightning speed.
It's really amazing listening to her string her sentences together quite easily and without too much frustration.
Most people are a bit surprised when they find out how young she is when they hear her speak.
But where she excels in speech she lacks in teeth.
The kid is the slowest teether on the planet.
Hello teeth, are you in there teeth?
The doctor and dentist have assured us there is nothing to worry about, but it makes chewing solid food pretty difficult for the poor thing.
Not to mention all the 3 a.m. wake-ups for big daddy and I.
I wonder if they make dentures for toddlers?
Anyhow back to bragging about her ever increasing vocabulary..
In addition to her ability to chit chat, we are starting to think she can spell.
Whenever big daddy and I don't want her to hear a specific word we spell it.
Yes we do that.
Oh how I remember my parents doing this when we were kids and finding it oh so patronizing
(then again we were probably sixteen at the time)
The other day I asked big daddy if he had lulu's b.o.t.t.l.e. before leaving the house.
you can't mention "the bottle" otherwise she wants it, and we are trying to stick to one in the morning and one at night these days.
But she knew exactly what we were talking about and blurts out "bottle!!!"
She's done it a bunch of times and with different words.
what's up with that?
is she going to be one of those kids like in the movie "Akeela and the Bee"?
not that there is anything wrong with that, but big daddy and I might just have to brush up on our pig latin soon.
She sure as hack deosn't git it frome mi sidee of the familee.
But the one sound she hasn't quite mastered yet is her "R's" & "L's."
okay, big deal she's not even two yet right?
well one of her favorite books at the moment is Melrose and CRoc.
but when she wants to read it, it's more like "Melwose & cock okay?"
Or when describing her new pink rubber croc shoes, it's more like
" I wear my pink cocks okay?"
she also has a fixation with clocks these days.
She is constantly changing the time on my Big Ben alarm clock beside the bed.
(that's my excuse for getting up late and I'm sticking to it)
She's always asking "what time is it?" then proceeds to tell me
"go get big cock mommy" I wish..
just kidding big daddy ;)
anyhow she has yet to do this in public, but lord help us if we are anywhere near the Lacoste store on Bloor st, or anywhere near the watch counter at the Bay..
That's cLLLLLLLLLock sweetie, not cock.


Sarah said...

This is total cheese, but I wish we could hold on to and pocket that cute language they have right now. Lucy says her "th"'s as "f" and it's butt cute. For example, "Fank you, Mama."
Kills me every time.

metro mama said...

Cakes is starting to recognize spelled words now too. Pig latin-there's an idea.

myredwagon said...

Too cute! Gracie says mama, dada and the occasional dollie Oh and gong for dog. Go figure. When did your babe start talking?

Ms. Porter said...


Gabriella said...

That is hilarious!!!!! And you can't help but laugh when they do things like this. And we do the spelling thing here at home too, usually when we're looking for Samantha's soother, so far she hasn't caught on yet! And the word of the day that's being said another way here is fox, Samantha says fuck.

amanda said...

Too funny! Isn't it hilarious, the stuff they say?!

kittenpie said...

I was so blown away watching the sentences starting to form. Even now, she knocks my socks off some days, coming up with stuff that sounds like a very small adult talking - she also has a really clear diction. They are really fascinating at this time.

crazymumma said...

'THEY" say late teethers get fewer cavities.....

cock. thats funny.