Wednesday, March 21, 2007

breakfast is served

Oh the things I won't do to ensure that Madame Lulu gets enough fruit and veg each day....

The following is a current list of "acceptable" foods for her particular palate these days.
Probably of no interest to anyone but me, so if you don't want to die of boredom you might want to cease reading now.

avocado- all time fav.
ham- deli sliced black forest with no skin
cheese- pref. havarti or Parmigiano Reggiano
flax pita
yoghurt- mapletons organic or liberty organic vanilla
oranges and orange juice- doesn't like apple juice
smoothies with ground flax, fruit and soy milk
occasionally will eat apple sauce
pasta-Sgambaro Farfalline w/homemade tomato sauce
presidents choice vegetarian Bolognese tomato sauce
steamed rice with and without soy sauce
whole wheat bagels
soba noodles
tofu (soft almond flavour)
sweet corn casserole
peas (baby-food still)
roasted red peppers
white kidney beans-NOT red, I only had to make that mistake once.
dark organic chocolate
lemons-loves to suck on them
fruit bread-must be warm-from EPI or Cobbs bakery
chicken hotdogs dipped in ketchup
mac & cheese-Amy's-with some finely chopped broccoli mixed in
not much into cookies, crackers, grapes, raisins or snacking in general. still working on that.
That's all I can think of at the moment, but now that I see it all in print, I realize that maybe she's not such a picky eater after all.
especially considering she still only has 10 teeth so far.
so if you're still reading and didn't fall asleep, (and if you have kid in the house) what kind of quirky foods do they eat/or not eat?


Zesty said...

I didn't find it boring. I thought it was cute.

tracy said...

love your list

e used to eat everything. now she is soooo picky. i think it is all about being 5. k was a super picky babe. existed on air and nursing. now she eats anything. except veggies. (except green beans.) xo

Ms. Porter said...

Your posts are never boring. I think Lulu will end up having her mommy's fine taste in food!
I have two children, one is a month or so younger than Lulu and the other is a preschooler. Both of my kids started to eat way less as soon as they hit the 20 month mark.
That said, I find they are pretty good eaters...they don't like fast food or processed food which is a bonus. Both children are willing to try new things which helps alot.

Here's what works for me:

1. I always have a large platter of sliced fruit and raw veggies on our table during meals (even breakfast). The kids pick at the platters during the meal and eat alot in the process. Oh, and I cut things in different ways like peppers into strips, clovers, squares....or carrots into cirles, sticks, or even shavings, you get the idea, they love when I do this.

2. I always put a little bit of each menu item from our meals on their plate whether they like it or not. They are not told they have to eat it, but they know that if they don't like it they have to ignore it on their plate. There have been many foods that make it to the 'yummy' list this way.

3. Lulu is still young for this, but my preschooler has a little game where if she sees something new in the produce dept and wants to try it we do. We do a taste test and it's all alot of fun to the kids to touch, smell, and taste the new item.

Sorry to ramble on so long! You don't need were looking for quirky is raw veggies for breakie or when they beg for sushi (and udon) like many kids beg for McD's.

petite gourmand said...

ms.p- thank-you so much for all these great ideas!
much appreciated, I love the platter of fruit and veg idea especially.

Gabriella said...

can mrs p come to my house and prepare Samantha's dinner too!

I found this list great to read, especially since my daughter is a picky eater. Up until Nov. she ate everything, from then on the list has dwindled to:
yogurt, toast, cereal, strawberries, watermelon, chicken and/or pasta (on a good day), eggs, grilled cheese. That's it. Drives me nuts!!! Especially when I love to eat.
Lulu's doing pretty good from your list!!

...and so on it goes said...

my kids are pretty picky too...especially buddy (4). He was allergic to dairy and eggs until 3 and so never gained a taste for them. If it weren't for Ice Cream, Yoghurt and Chocolate Sauce the kid would get no dairy at all...he won't even eat pizza!!!

Lulu sounds like a pretty adventurous eater actually...I would offer some quirky ideas, but my kids are so much older and I don't even remember what it is like to feed a kid with so few teeth.

I will even try Ms. P's platter idea at my table with the 7 and 4 year old...thank for the tip.

I can't remember if eggs were on your list petite but monkey LOVES scrambled eggs....with bacon of course.

Laural Dawn said...

I read your blog all the time, but delurking to say this ...
My son loves apricots (dried). We have junk food in the house but he always asks for "the orange candy". I explained to him they are called apricots and he said "no. they are the orange candy." We buy them in bulk and hide them or else he would eat a pound at a time.
I loved your list.

petite gourmand said...

laural dawn, thanks for stopping by and "de-lurking"
and I will definitely try introducing lulu to some "orange candy"
I don't know why we haven't so far, as we usually snack on dried fruit like apricots, dates and prunes ourselves.
thanks for the tip.

Lisa b said...

looks to me like lulu is a pretty good eater.
I'm getting some tips from you.
Though that hide-the-broccoli tip never works for me.
Just wanted to warn you I find my daughter will sometimes choke on apricots so I try to cut them or really sit there and make her take small bites.

lulu is so cute!

metro mama said...

Cakes likes stale leftover Ace whole-wheat baguette. I think it's like a teething biscuit. It will keep her quiet for 20 minutes.

Sandra said...

You win mother of the year for that plate to tempt lulu.

That list is great ... I was lucky that my son loves fruits and veggies ... he's not into meat now ... which is tough becuase Mr. Good Taste really wants him to eat it and I'm not such a credible meat-pusher as a vegetarian and all.