Saturday, March 10, 2007

spring forward

Well it's hard to believe it's time to change the clocks again.
On que, the temperature is mild and all the snow is melting away.
This winter really seemed to fly by.
Then again we were away for what seemed the worst of it.
Which helps.
I'm grateful for the change of scenery, but I have to admit, I'll be happy if I don't have to go to another airport for a while.
(Sheena I don't know how you do it??...)
I'm in nesting mode, glad that I'm home for a while, and really glad that spring is around the corner.
The clean freak in me can't wait to get my freak on.
Or more accurately: Windex the windows, garden, open all the windows and let the fresh air in, clean out all the closets, dry clean all the drapes, paint all the base boards....oh the list could go on...
but the bottom line is I can't wait for the first blooms of spring to appear on the trees outside.
Ahhh spring.
new beginnings.
fresh starts.
Crazy that Lulu will be two this spring.
It's seems like yesterday that I could barely put my own boots on, had THE worst heart burn of all TIME, had to sleep on my side, had to walk like a duck, was winded when going up the stairs, was SUPER anxious about giving birth at any given moment...oh the list could go on....
But now I have a tenacious 23 month old, saying things like "stop mommy" if I'm talking to big daddy too much during dinner,
"no like it" to pretty much everything on her plate except for avocado, cheese, yoghurt and ham.
But also grabs my cheeks with both tiny hands and sais "lub you mommy"
oh so worth every bit of heartburn, back ache, acid refux, round ligament pain, weight gain, anxiety, sleeplessness..
oh the list could go on...
but it's true, she's worth every bit of it.
But could I do it all over again?
That is the million dollar question.
I really don't know.
big daddy & I are seriously leaning towards just keeping it at one child.
should we put the bugaboo on Ebay?
sell the crib?
get rid of the Oeuf chair?
Ditch the baby Einstein books??
oh the list could go on...
But really who knows what the future has in store for us.
well except for an hour less of sleep tonight.
great at 6 am. I'll be hearing "mommy...moooooommmmmmy..mmmmoooooooooooooommy, daddyyyy, moooooooommmmy, mooommmmmmmmmmmmmmy, maaaaaammmmy, mootttttherrrrrr, mmmmottttheerrrrr, mom, mom, mom!!!!"

"lub you"
but oh so worth it.


tracy said...

happy spring!

Gabriella said...

Spring is wonderful. The image I think about for spring is white billowy curtains blowing from the breeze of the window left open. I can't wait for spring!!!

Ms. Porter said...

geez louise, I feel the same about everything in your post

amanda said...

Me too... well, I feel the same about everything in your post. Something about spring does that to you, I suppose. I love spring. Even with all of my allergies :)

Sarah said...

Isn't that crazy what our kids do to us? Tommy wakes me up at 5 a.m. and I am not even irritated.
Happy Spring! Our baseboards were seriously painted today! ha!

samlamb said...

Talk about the million dollar question. And it doesn't help that everyone and their mother asks if you're going to have another soon (because my goodness, the girl is now over two...)

No decisions made on this side of the city. I'd love to know the secret to turning the inner debate off, because the image of duct tape on my ovaries just isn't working.

Good luck in the morning!

Sheena said...

TPG, I can do it because I don't have little pouty faces to keep me grounded. I can't think of any better reason to want to nest.

But I have some friends who are convinced that they kept it at one kid precisely because they kept the crib in garage storage. After a while I think they actually believe it was their birth control lucky charm.

kittenpie said...

You know, we had tat same debate about one vs. two, and we've come out at wanting another. Eek! SCary and exciting at once.

I'm feeling the spring cleaning bug a bit too, even though I hate cleaning and am a clutter queen by nature. it's just getting to me lately, it's time for some serious overhauling. Erm, once the stained glass work is done, perhaps? I have this week off, but might need another, for all the stuff I want to get done!