Friday, March 23, 2007

blue skies

nothin but blue skies...
ahh, finally the weather feels like spring.
In the words of little Lulu- "hip hip hooray!" her new favourite catch phrase.
Unfortunately, along with the lovely weather, both Lulu and I have a wee bit of a head cold.
It's probably my fault as I tempted fate and said something stupid about managing to go the entire winter without getting sick.
I swear as soon as you put a notion out there in the universe, it's like it is listening and makes it happen.
In addition to the sniffles, Big daddy and I were talking about a couple we know recently and wondering what they've been up to as we hadn't seen or heard from them all winter (and they live on our street) sure enough, that day they called to say hi.
Then we were discussing work stuff, and were wondering about a particular client that we hadn't worked with in well over a year, sure enough, they called to book big daddy the same day.
I'm a firm believer, that if you put a certain energy out there in the universe, it is listening.
at least that's been my experience to date.
this goes for positive and negative energy.
All the more reason to be positive.
So while on my way home from the health food store to pick up some
oil of oregano for this cold that I am going to no longer have come tomorrow morning-(did you hear that Universe?) I passed by a convenient store with a Lotto 649 sign out side that read $20 million. I imagined what I would do with the cash.
I concentrated.
I focused.
I sent it out into the universe.
But then I thought about what I would really want from the universe.
Health, happiness, family and love.
good enough for me, I don't really need $20 mil to be happy.
though it sure would be nice.
did you hear that universe?
Sure would be nice..
Just puttin' it out there.


crazymumma said... just brought some great blue yonder good karma upon yourself....

nothing like the sky today .....all that blue.........

Ms. Porter said...

Oh yeah, gorgeous day out there today. I hope you and Lulu feel better soon. It is quite nice that you recognize what you really want from the universe...uh, yeah, 20 mil would be grand but what would it be without health, happiness, family and're spot on.

Sheena said...

OK, dinner at CAVA on TPG.

Sandra said...

Hip Hip Hooray for spring. I'm wiht Lulu

I totally am with you on putting things out to the universe .. it works ,... it does.

Anonymous said...

let me guess... you must have just finished reading/watching/absorbing the secret....

kittenpie said...

Sure would... I'm loving the nice weather days too. Can't wait to smell things growing! (but not in my yard- I have a black thumb)