Tuesday, March 13, 2007

happy belated to me

What a difference a year makes..
I am not the best person when it comes to remembering birthdays and certain dates on the calendar.
Anyhow, as per my usual forgetfulness, I forgot to post a one year blog anniversary post.
March 11th was when I started this thing and I'm really glad that I did.
I guess I started it for a bunch of reasons, and this is what I came up with.

reason #1. initially it gave me something to do while Lulu napped during the day and I was trapped at home.
and since I really don't like talking on the phone or watching daytime t.v. I figured it would be a more productive way to kill some time.
These days I tend to post at night after lulu is in bed, I've had a glass (or two) of wine and American Idol is playing in the background (is it just me or is it super boring this season?) or basically whenever I can slice out a tiny bit of "me time" during the day.

reason #2. I love to take digital photos and wanted somewhere to put them (besides on a disc buried in a box somewhere)

reason #3. Creative outlet. I'm not a writer-nor claim to be, but it feels good to get stuff out of your head and in print, even if it's just some boring play by play of our lives, it feels good to get it out there.

reason #4. Originally I wanted to post primarily about food, recipes and great places to eat, as this is a true passion of mine, but somehow along the way it became much more about so many other things for me.
Much more personal.
Again, it feels good to get it out, and document how I'm feeling these early years of being a mother. I'm hoping I can look back and be able to laugh at myself and maybe even give myself a pat on the back for actually taking the initiative to put all my feelings into words. I can barely remember what it was like when lulu didn't know how to walk or eat solid food, so I'm glad I'm doing this.
Who knows? maybe someday I can share this with her.
I would have loved to read what my mom & dad were doing (and how they were coping) when I was 23 months old.

reason #5. I've always kept a journal, and alot of them are filled with a bunch of "woe-is-me" rhetoric, but by putting my thoughts and life out there in the cyber public, it makes me much more aware of what I actually do have and how great my life is (most days) so I guess what I'm trying to say is when writing about my life I try to have more of a "glass is half full" kind of attitude because really, who likes a whiner?
then again, nothing wrong with a little whining from time to time.
Did I mention my aching lower back? wha. wha.

reason #6. I have met some really cool people through this blog, and I find their lives interesting and funny. I love when I've been out all day I get home and check my email and, ding- a nice comment from someone.
It really makes my day.
even if it's just a quick note or in some cases, some great pieces of advice and support, which when you are a new mother- goes a LONG way.

So thanks for stopping by and saying hello from time to time.
It means a lot.
Hopefully I'll have a bunch of new and somewhat interesting things to write about during this next year..
or not.
At least I can get it out of my head, which it's really all about anyhow right?


metro mama said...

I share a lot of these reasons with you.

You're welcome!

crazymumma said...

It really is about getting out there for posterities sake isn't it?

Sometimes I have these thoughts, that I do not want to shake, I want to archive them. And this is the perfect venue.

And as much as I love the recipes and the restaurants, I far prefer the snippets of life and your sublime photos.

Happy anniversary!

amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! I appreciate your "glass is half full" kind of attitude. It's always refreshing.

I'm with you on getting it out of your head. Especially being a SAHM... sometimes I just feel like I'm not being heard (even if I have nothing important to say). And well, blogging helps.

Thanks for sharing all the great pics and stories over the past year!

Sheena said...

Happy Belated Blogday! You're only a week younger than SheenaVision...

One of my fave spots to stop in. Love the food pics..

Gabriella said...

Happy Aniversary!!!

You are one of my all time fav blogs, I love reading the about Lulu and the little things she does, and of course the food stories always get me!!! So glad you started writing.

Ms. Porter said...

I enjoy your posts, pictures, and refreshing attitude as well. But on thing I would LOVE LOVE LOVE is if you started posting some of your yummy sounding (and looking)recipes mmmmmmmm.

Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! I have completely enjoyed your blog of the last year. I'm a big fan and I hope you continue.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Happy Blogiversary! A year goes by so fast. And from the looks of those pictures your blog is not the only thing that has grown in the last year.

indigo herself said...

it is funny because i feel like i know you from your blog, but of course we've only met in cyber space. i think that is a sign that you have found the secret sauce. love, love, love your site.

kittenpie said...

Hey! Happy blogday! It is nice to hve some little creative outlets for yourself, isn't it?