Saturday, December 16, 2006

baking 101

I don't have much patience for baking.
I love to cook, no question about that.
But baking has to be so precise and there is usually no room for error.
When I do bake I tend to make things like banana bread or oatmeal cookies.
Simple stuff.
Besides, I'm definitely more of a savoury and spice lover rather than a sweet tooth.
Though I never say no to a bit of dark organic chocolate..
Now that I'm a "mom" I felt this obligation of sorts to throw on an apron and dust off my measuring cups and get baking.
I also figured Lulu would enjoy playing with flour and dough and making cut out cookies.
I picked up this little cookie cutter at polka dot kids a few weeks ago, and knew Lulu would love making these little gingerbread birdies.
Her first word ever spoken was "birdie" after-all.
so in keeping with the theme around here..
I think they turned out pretty good.
we had fun together.
they taste ahight..
Though I may have to stop by the local bakery for a good'ol oatmeal cookie or a slice of banana bread..


metro mama said...

Hmmm...may have to give this baking shit a try after all...

Anonymous said...

I'm not into baking either, love to cook though...I think that's quite common. I never bake except with my kids...and only because of my kids!!
This is totally off topic but you're the one to ask (I figure)...any good suggestions for a nice place my guy and I can sneak away for a couple of days...preferably somewhere with a good spa...anywhere within a 4 hour radius of Toronto? Hope you don't mind me asking your advice-thanks either way!

petite gourmand said...

hmm..good getaways..

I'm biased towards Niagara On the Lake seeing as I have family there,
wine, theatre good food..
The O spa is excellent.
The Shaw club hotel is new and contemporary and pretty decent-or there are a ton of B&B's around town
i.e.. Lakewinds.
what more could you want?

Langdon Hall- about a 2 hour drive towards London, excellent restaurant and the stables are nice and secluded.

St Ann's Spa- I've heard it's nice, though sadly I haven't been there yet.

Quebec City is always romantic if you don't mind freezing your ass off. But that's half the fun.
warming up by a fire, eating yummy galettes and sipping calvados..mmm.
but that's obviously more than a 4 hour drive.

geez I want to get away.

myredwagon said...

so simple and lovely....I need your recipe for next year.
I followed martha's for my gingerbread "g's" and it didn't roll as nicely as yours.

Anonymous said...

lovely. dragees were "outlawed" here in CA a couple of yrs ago after a lawyer put forward a lawsuit against a local cake supply store citing them as a health hazard. such craziness. anyway, i have a secret stash i may pull out just for cookies like these!

crazymumma said...

Those are epic in their perfect simplicity.

ps (alternative wheat noodles are really high in protien. Tofu blended into muffins and pancakes. Oatmeal!) But who can resist cheese. really?

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are amazing. Have I told you lately that I love you ... or your chocolate photos!!!

kittenpie said...

I've been working chocolate these last two days - fudge for the daycare staffroom, dipped ginger chunks for the MIL, and some experimental orange peel bark for me and ginger bark for Misterpie and I both.

Anonymous said...

SORRY!!! I didn't know you responded with some AMAZING places for my hubby and I to go THANKS. I am keen on Niagara on the Lake as well, it's close and there's so much to do (I just didn't know where to stay). I'm going to check out your suggestions after the holidays, I will let you know where we go.
Merry Christmas and happy Chanuka to you, Big Daddy, and sweet Lulu.