Monday, December 04, 2006

sibilantly sumptuous secondi

Lulu is currently absorbed in her ABC's.
besides the usual sing song and various abc themed books I picked up these rubber letters from the $1 store.
She loves them and we have fun spreading them out all over the floor, pointing to the different letters.
who knew such a simple and inexpensive thing could be such a winner?
If she had been with us for dinner this evening she would have heard plenty of overly enunciated "S-es"
Big daddy and I went to dinner and a movie.
then dinner at Tutti Matti.
what the hell does that have to do with the alphabet?
well we were sitting next to a well known society "writer" about town.
He and his dinner date were chatting up a storm.
To put it mildly it was raining S-es.
If you know what I mean..
I couldn't help overhearing a bunch of ssssstuff about sssso many fabulousssss placessss and fabuloussss people.
Sssso much ssssso that I won't need to read a certain ssssection of the paper thissss weekend.
but enough about the fellassss beside us.
The meal.
absolutely Di-VINE.
we started with the Fagottini
a chickpea flour crepe stuffed with mixed mushrooms, asparagus and chef's mix of cheeses and truffle pate
drizzled with truffle honey
we also had the Carpaccio di nana
Smoked duck carpaccio served with fresh orange, shaved pecorino di pienza and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.
then we had the Insalata di Matti
Fresh arugula with grapes, walnuts and shaved pecorino di pienza with pomegranate vinaigrette.
we shared the homemade pheasant & chestnut ravioli followed by the Costole di maiale-- "Nastro Azzuro"
Pork short ribs slow roasted with Nastro Azzuro Italian beer, blood oranges, rosemary and garlic.
by far one of the best meals I've had in a while.
Chef Alida Solomon calls her restaurant "Tutti Matti", meaning "everybody's crazy" in Italian.
I'm crazy about this restaurant, that's for sure.
Rustic Italian cuisine that is upscale, yet casual, a great little place that offers up a little taste of Tuscany.
Bonus was the excellent and friendly service.
The place was fairly busy for a chilly monday night and it seemd to me to be many regulars and other chefs from other restaurants.
That's always a good sign.
Unfortunately we had to postpone that trip to Tuscany, but in the meantime Tutti Matti is the next best thing.
It was Deliciousssssssss.

oh and Borat was pretty hillarious.
Though I wonder how many people didn't get his sense of humour, and left the movie feeling offended.
and was Palm-ella Anderson in on the joke or what?
That's what this enquiring mind really wants to know.


kittenpie said...

We are all about the ABCs all the time. alpha magnets, foam-y letters, wooden puzzle, alpha placemat... She loves pointing out letters and signs and everything, so I go with it.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Everytime I come here you make my mouth water. I can barely type because the darn keyboard is now really wet!

Anonymous said...

that photos is gorgeous. and my tummy is growling!

metro mama said...

The dollar store is great, isn't it. We're big fans of Value Village too.

Date night sounds divine.

crazymumma said...

I heard tell that Pamela was totally in on the joke.

Have I told you that i am completely in awe of your lifestyle? Like really, my idea these days of fine dining is the Montanas at the Queensway Theatre.

And who is your sitter. I want.
Oh, and dollar stores ROCK!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm . . .trying to find an email address for you. (you can find mine on my profile page. drop me a line.)