Friday, December 08, 2006

little elf

Lulu has been living it up at grandma & grandpa's house all week.
Three days and nights without our little lulu.
It certainly does make it easier to work and take on extra freelance jobs.
It also was a bit of a festive week with a bunch of Christmas get togethers and parties, so it beats hiring a baby-sitter.
I also managed to go to the doctor (finally after almost three years...) and get a haircut.
feels good to cross so many things off the To Do list.
But it felt so empty around here.
I thought we would catch up on a bit of extra sleep, but no not really.
Lulu fills our lives with so much joy and happiness, that although it was a nice break, it just didn't feel right without her around.
I don't miss the "old days" when it was just big daddy and I in the least.
I thought I would, but I don't.
It was nice however not having to use those annoying plastic cupboard safety things every-time we open and closed the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.
and I don't think we used the dishwasher once all week.
no sippy cups, bottles, winnie the pooh plastic plates.
No avocado bits all over the floor or little pieces of crocodile cheese crackers stuck to my socks.
We actually ended up eating out most of the week so I barely stepped foot in the kitchen.
that in itself felt really odd.
But Lulu had so much fun and really enjoyed spending time with "baba and bampba"
My mom is also going through some very stressful times, so it was a really great diversion for her.
I absolutely love watching the relationship between Lulu and my mom grow and develop.
Though I almost melted when I picked her up, she kept clapping her hands saying "mama mama MAMA!!!"
I can't remember getting so many kisses and hugs.
That felt really amazing.
All in all it was a really good week for everyone, I'm just glad to have my little elf home again.
Just in time too, because we are decorating the tree tonight.
Our first Christmas tree-ever.
should be fun.


Anonymous said...

these pics are too much!!! love!

sunshine scribe said...

She is the cutest little elf ... ever. EVER.

There is nothing like that kind of homecoming welcome from your wee one when you've been apart. Swoon.

myredwagon said...

My husband and I were just saying that we didn't miss the old days, pre-Gracie. It's a good feeling, isn't it?

Hope the tree trimming was fun. Would love to see pics of the elf and her tree. She's adorable.

metro mama said...

Beautiful pictures, she's so cute.

Have fun trimming the tree!