Thursday, December 14, 2006

blue skies

I have a confession to make.
I'm secretly waiting in anticipation for it to snow.
Yup that's right, nice big fluffy snowflakes.
Covering everything in a nice cool white blanket of prettiness.
I know this might sound crazy,
but it just doesn't feel Christmasy when the weather feels more like March or April temperatures.
Sure it's great that I can still get away with wearing my ballet flats with my skinny jeans and a blazer in the middle of December.
And it is nice not to have to put layers of clothing on before heading out the door.
And then have to de-layer as you go inside to overly heated places (ie.the mall..)
then have to lug a bunch of extra clothing around with you.
Like I don't already have enough stuff to tote with a toddler in my life.
You can never have enough containers of animal crackers, fruit or cookies you know
(just in case Lulu finally decides to end her hunger strike)
And it's nice not to have to scrape the snow from the car windows or wait 10 minutes for the car to warm up.
Or salt the sidewalks and shovel the driveway.
Or mop up the melted salty snow puddles at the front door.
Or try to manoeuvre the stroller down the sidewalk hoping that everyone had the common courtesy to shovel.
Or trying to still look fashionable while wearing sensible snow/waterproof/warm foot wear..Is this even possible?
or trying to put things (i.e.. stroller) in and out of the trunk of the car without getting long black puffy coat covered in salt and slush.
did I actually say I wanted it to snow?
I think I need to lay off the rum and eggnog for a while.

That is of course if I actually liked eggnog.
which I don't.
Though I have nothing against rum.
I had to state that for the record.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the must snow for Christmas. I really dislike the cold, long, winters we get in area except for the three or four weeks around the holidays. Let's cross our fingers we get some!

kittenpie said...

would make the christmas spirit easier to find, wouldn't it? But this mornign was so glorious, I must admit I looooved it.

Lisa b said...

Ok I was looking forward to the snow but you are making me flash forward to march where I am willing it to be gone.

metro mama said...

I want snow just for one week only.

myredwagon said...

I love snow. The more the better. I'm a northerner what can I say?