Sunday, December 10, 2006

deck the halls

Lulu is quite the little santa's helper.
she was really getting into the spirit of things this weekend and helped to decorate her first Christmas tree.
Needless to say there is an abundance of ornaments on the bottom half of the tree.
But I didn't have the heart to relocate the ones that she so carefully applied to each branch.
So our tree is a little bottom heavy (kinda like mommy)
Though I have to say that each ornament was nicely spaced apart from one another.
She was very methodical in her ornament application.
that's my girl.
I'm one proud mama.
(hey it's the prop stylist in me)
Big daddy wasn't entirely enthusiastic about the entire situation.
I think the Jewish guilt factor was creeping in.
But kudos to him for helping put it up in the first place and for putting on all the lights.
I hate having to deal with the lighting.
Anyhow, It always seems like such a "dad like" thing to do.
He drew the line at full on decorating and left that up to us girls.
but I do appreciate the fact that he is okay with having a Xmas tree in the first place and humouring me this year.
Like he really has a choice in the matter.
so we decked the halls.
fah laa laa laa laa laa la..
tis' the season to be...okay I'll quit while I'm ahead.


samlamb said...

Wow, where do I begin?

1) Lulu is precious and looks fabulous in red (love, love the red shoes!)
2) Polka Dot Kids is hands down the best little store in this city.
3) Your Xmas situation is uncannily similar to ours - Jay has allowed the tree this year (after years of me explaining it's pagan anyway), helped water and situate it, then left all the decorating fun to the girls.
4) As we work on our house to-do list, I'm searching for your photo of your stair bannister because we have the exact railing, moulding and baseboard (but our bannister is strangely cap-less, hence the notice of yours). Either every house in Toronto is exactly the same or we're living in a funny parallel world!

Happy December to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the tree up. I'm sure it's gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

looks lovely! we too have the same thing going at our house. d won't decote the tree, but after almost 10 yrs together puts the lights on the house for me. and helps pick out the tree. and i make sure to well stocked with candles for the menorah. all good i think.

sunshine scribe said...

So lovely. And Lulu keeps getting cuter!!

I was dying to see a photo of your tree 'cause I know you keep your house much like ours. My art director hubby (who also needed mucho convincing for the tree) ensures we have no more than 2 colours of decorations. A bit restrictive but so pretty so everyone is happy.

sunshine scribe said...

I am back to continue our cross-blog decorating conversation - to add that ours wil be all silver and a few tasteful red ones here and there. He loves it. Totally matches.

metro mama said...

We have white lights and white beads too!

I do love trimming the tree.

myredwagon said...

beautiful...I love how in the second shot she is concentrating and being very gentle