Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Chef

Another reality show comes to an end.
This particular show didn't involve skimpy bathing suits, being stranded on an island or feeling hungry for 39 days.
On the contrary, it was the complete opposite.
I'm talking about "Top Chef" on the Food Network.
From the first episode I was hooked.
It had all my favourite elements in a show.
Juicy cat fights.
Lot's of diverse personalities.
Fun challenges & suspense.
But most of all it was all about food and cooking.
The guy I figured would win, did.
yay Harold.
He was totally pro, diplomatic, talented and cute to boot.
I'm kind of sad it's over.
Isn't that the way?
All season you can't wait until the next episode, then when the final show arrives
it's always a bit anti-climatic.
(kinda like Christmas if you ask me)
anyhow, big congrats to Harold.
I will definitely be looking up his restaurant the next time I'm in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Damn... I remember seeing a show like that but it was only one episode long. Wish I'd known about this one.

Anonymous said...

Oh I missed that one. Sounds like a goodie

Sheena said...

I never knew about this show and that pisses me off...