Saturday, December 02, 2006

out of tune

happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday.
happy birthday.
happy meee.
god another year has come and gone.
dec. 3rd. 1970.
that officially makes me closer to 40 than 30.
36 (for those of you that are as bad at numbers as me)
It's hard to believe there was a time when I bumped up my age by a few years to sound older.
Now I can hardly believe I'm officially in my mid-thirties.
I'm in total denial.
Fortunately I often get mistaken for say...27-30ish.
which of course makes me feel sooo much better, then again people could just be saying that.
Which is fine by me.
so much has happened in my thirties so far.
30. got married.
31. bought first home.
33. preggers.
34. had Lulu.
36. NOW WHAT??
I kind of covered all the big stuff, now what am I supposed to look forward to?
Menopause for god's sakes?!
okay I'm obviously not thrilled about getting older.
In fact I'm really not taking it too well at all.
but on the up side,
I still don't have any grey hair (with the exception of one single persistent eyelash.. I'm a freak what can I say?)
I feel healthier than I did in my twenties. (due largely in part to the lack of wild & crazy living like in my younger years.)
I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin (regardless of how stretched marked it has become)
I have a good life with a lot less stress than I had in my twenties. (or at least a different kind of stress)
so I guess it's not thaaaat bad getting another year older.
Besides I really have no choice in the matter.
so yeah. I'm 36. hip hip hooray.

Big daddy and lulu let me sleep in an extra hour this morning.
seeing as I was up with Lulu at 3 a.m. & 5 a.m. (damn teeth)
so the day is off to a good start.
minus the mild headache I have due to the consumption of an entire bottle of 2003 Rodney Strong Pinot last night.
Last bottle on the shelves at the LCBO.
I cooked myself and big daddy a birthday dinner last night.
first course- white asparagus with taleggio
second course- bacon wrapped beef tenderloin with a red wine glaze & sautéed leek.
I skipped the porcini mash to save on calories.
But instead had molten chocolate cakes for dessert.
what the hell, it's my birthday damn it.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy! Mid 30's is better than mid 40's right? Besides, it's cooler to be older (ie. Lindsay Lohan and Britney versus Gweneth Paltrow and Jen Aniston?) I'm sure if I too didn't have the mild headache brought on by that extra glass of vino last night i could think of better examples but you get the idea I'm sure.

metro mama said...

Mmmm, dinner sounds delish. Happy Birthday. I like my thirties better than my twenties. I too, feel healthier, thanks to a healthier lifestyle (not entirely healthy though...unfortunately,I also had a wee red wine headache this morning).

Gabriella said...

Happy Birthday from one Sagitarius to another! Also the same age, and yeah thirties are better than the twenties!

Gabriella said...

Samantha too doesn't have a whole lot of teeth yet and I remember at her 12mth appt our dr said stop the baby food and at that point she only had TWO teeth. She does eat more of our food now so it is getting a bit easier!
And on the topic of covering 100% of your fence by law actually your neighbours have to pay you half of what a chain link fence would cost, in our case for our back neighbour that didn't agree he has to pay us $350.

myredwagon said...

happy birthday...impressive 30s to date, with lots to look forward to I'm sure!

penelopeto said...

Happy happy birthday!

sounds delicious btw, but I think it's illegal to skip a dish on your birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Mmmm... molten chocolate cakes...

Lisa b said...

Mmmm Happy Birthday!
36 you're only just getting started.

Damn I wish I could cook like you.

Sheena said...

Happy Birthday! One of my favourite new blog discovery this year, and a lovely gourmet, (err.. gourmand) and clearly a wonderful mother.

I'm just a couple of years older, but have to say 36 was my best year of the '30s. They've all been good, but that year was kick ass. Hope yours is too.

Anonymous said...

oh happy birthday!!! and 36 rocks - at least so far ;) xo

petite gourmand said...

awe shucks..
thanks for the b-day wishes everyone.

kittenpie said...

Hey! Happy birthday to youuuuu!
Man, you always make your meals sound so yummy, it tempts me to do more than open a can of soup for lunch, if only I weren't so damn lazy and apathetic.

Anonymous said...

Happy HoHo you guys, love the santa photo - did you help him style that set?
: )