Friday, June 01, 2007

book worm

Sometimes I really love rainy stay at home days.
I actually didn't leave the house yesterday.
Not once.
I did however shower and put on make-up for what reason I'm not sure.
then again you never know when the gas man might pop by for a meter reading..
That was a first home day in a very long time.
Lulu was pretty tired after spending the week with her grandparents,
I'm sure it was stimulation overdrive, but she had fun.
I was a bit knackered as well.
I needed to catch up on a bunch of paper work and home stuff and being the home body that I am I really enjoyed the break from running around the city for a change.
In addition to cleaning the house top to bottom and catching up on the endless amounts of laundry around here,
I actually snuck in a bit of reading during Lulu's nap.
Because my computer was f'd up, I was actually forced to pick up my book and not dick around on the internet for once.
No blogging, no emailing, no music shopping on line, no utube-ing, nada.
Aside from missing my itunes it was actually a healthy break from my computer.
Though I didn't think that at the time while I was swearing under my breath trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with it.
(or more accurately waited until big daddy got home so he could figure what the hell was wrong with it)
Thanks big daddy..You are my computer geek hero.
I love when I am lost in a good book, it can really be so gratifying.
I'm currently reading The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi and really enjoying it.
Though I have to admit I wish I spoke Italian so I could properly pronounce all the Italian names and places- at least in my head.
God only knows how badly I am bastardizing these exotic names.
Like for example Lodovico Sforza or Chiesa Orsanmichele or say Count Pico of Mirandola five times fast..
Regardless, it's a great book so far and it is nice to be transported back to sixteenth-century Italy on a rainy day.
Lulu has also turned into a little book worm and it is so nice to see.
I was worried for a while when she would make tv requests instead of books.
But these days she is not into the tube at all (aside from one episode of little bear after her bath at night)
Kinda like mommy and So You Think You Can Dance..I love that show.
Instead she quietly "reads" book after book and I couldn't be more thrilled.
One day at home is fine but two is closing in on a bit of cabin fever.
Even though I am really at a juicy part in the novel, we must get our asses in gear and get out there and seize the day.
There are slides to slide down, sand to play with, errands to run and groceries to pick up.
and heck maybe I can squeeze in a chapter or two if I'm really lucky.


kittenpie said...

I love coming across Pumpkinpie poring over a book on her own. So magical! Good job, lady.

amanda said...

I have to admit... I'm a fan of rainy days too. Sometimes I seriously feel guilty with all this sun, if I can't take advantage of every second of it. Must be that Michigander in me. It's nice to have a reason to stay in and curl up with a good book :) Although you're right... one day is enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady
Just catching up on the blog today and was so absolutely touched by your "anniversary" posting in the last few entried. What a sweet, lovely thing you wrote! I got a little teary eyed myself!!
Thanks for the updates...Nice to know what's going on with you. BTW, if you need a sitter, call me!! xojb