Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sailing away

Having a two year old is in some ways the best of both worlds.
On one hand Lulu is still like a baby.
Tiny (only 23 lbs) sweet, affectionate, loves to be snuggled and rocked to sleep.
Curling up in a tiny ball in my arms each night.
Still cries when she's frustrated or in pain.
she still enjoys the odd jar of pureed food and likes her sippy cup of warm milk at night.
She still looks totally adorable in her white cotton onesies and diapers.
In some ways I wish she would just stay this way forever.
Then again its so nice that she's such a little person now.
Talking, telling stories, dancing, laughing, protesting, exploring, understanding.
She's my little pal, and it's so nice to be able to explain things and rationalize with her.
It's such a wonderful feeling knowing she totally knows what I am trying to explain to her.
Though this mutual understanding and comprehension isn't always effective.
Sometimes (okay a lot of the time) she likes to test the waters (literally and figuratively)
I never thought I would resort to bribery- but it seems to work %99 of the time.
Like for example while out on a boat cruise a couple of weekends ago (yeah the one where that jerk threw his candy wrapper overboard- see previous post)
Lulu was getting a little too close to the edge of the railing.
"if you stay here and don't try to jump overboard or hang on the edge of the boat you can have some chippy's, oh and they're ketchup flavoured...yum yum"
what kid doesn't love anything that involves ketchup?

worked like a charm.
The cold can of Budweiser worked like a charm for mommy too.

I love that I can do fun things with Lulu this summer and am so much more relaxed about things than I was this time last year. It's also pretty nice not to have to haul out the stroller/wagon/diaper bag etc. every time we leave the house.
Lulu loves to walk and check things out, and I am very happy to report that I have returned to the land of purses and not diaper bags.
okay- so there's one more reason to be happy about the fact that Lulu really isn't a baby anymore.

I can't wait to explore all that the city has to offer this summer with lulu.
Whether it's going to the zoo, taking a boat ride, going to the splash pad or wading pool, hanging out under a tree in the shade, eating an ice-cream, watching her first fireworks display this Canada day on a big picnic blanket in a park somewhere or oh heck...checking out all the summer shoe and handbag sales..
oh but we won't be going back here anytime soon.


Mrs. Chicky said...

What is it about two year olds that make them so perfect yet so perfectly frustrating?

Gabriella said...

Lulu sounds so much like my Samantha! They even weigh the same.
And hey we also call them "chippys"! Sam likes sour cream & onions!

amanda said...

I can't wait! We're at a tough stage here with lots of pointing and screaming... at least he's pointing at what he wants, I suppse. Anyway, definitely looking forward to toddler conversations! So cute!

I'm so jealous of the ketchup chips! I don't even like chips but for whatever reason, love the ketchup ones!

MotherBumper said...

B is growing way to fast for me so I understand.

congrats on losing the diaper bag!

I'm in the world of bribery now and I swore I'd never do it but B loves her cookie(s).

crazymumma said...

In answer to your question my way...yes, I still love crying teething toddlers.

Amazing how they become these little complex personalities....

myredwagon said...

The waterfront is in need of some decent restaurants.
Hope you had a fun Canada Day!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

23 pounds? Seriously? 2 years old and 23 pounds? Wow! so petite and cute!!!

My 9 month old is over 21 pounds. My 2.5 year old is just over 28 pounds, down from almost 30 before we went on vacation and he stopped eating!

I have big boys.