Friday, June 22, 2007

the grass really is greener

I believe my last post was how long a week can seem.
Well this one flew by.
Lulu spent the week at her grandparents and fortunately the week was so busy that I didn't get a chance to spend too much time in lulu-withdrawal.
I do miss her when she isn't here, but I must admit it was pretty nice catching up on some sleep and being able to work without worrying about what time I got home at night.
I pulled a couple of 12 hour days, so it's a good thing she was with her grandparents.
Big daddy and I got a chance to go out for dinner a few times and even go out for a nice stroll in the neighbourhood well past the point when we would usually venture out.
It was nice not having to deal with bed time etc.
I'm loving the project I'm working on and really enjoying the people I'm working with.
I have to say that it's been a long time since I've had so much fun on set.
Although the days are long, in some ways it just doesn't feel like "work".
My parents brought Lulu back into town on the train (a first for her) and she loved it.
I'm just sad I didn't get to see her expression when she got on for the first time.
She absolutely loves trains these days.
what is it about trains and kids?
She has been a complete sweet pea all day and although I had a fantastic week I'm really glad she's home.


metro mama said...

Great pic of her watering the flowers. Cakes loves to do that too. Train them young!

amanda said...

Sounds like a great week. And your work sounds like so much fun! If only we all could get paid for doing something we love.

Great picture... isn't it cute how little ones love being put to work (especially if it involves water)? Too cute!

kittenpie said...

How was the separation? I'm a smidge worried about going away for five days in a month, though she'll be with Misterpie and just fine, I know.

It's funny, I thought she would love the subway because she was into trains, but she freaks out about the noise. She loved seeing Thomas last year, though. You have to admit, trains are pretty cool.

Sheena said...

Hey! clicked on your restaurant review link for the first time today. Way to Go! I love Lee's too.. went there a few months ago with some chick friends and loved it.

Funny about the "Grass is really greener" title. Was stressing about some stuff this week with a pal and said to her "screw that". Sometimes you just get sick of the grass no matter how nice it looks and feel like a big pile of rocks".

And then we walked around the corner, and saw some landscaping being turned into a rock garden and I smiled at her and said "told you".