Wednesday, June 06, 2007

pushing my buggy

There was once a time that I really enjoyed grocery shopping.
In fact I guess you could say that I even looked forward to it.
I'm usually pretty good about putting together a list and sticking to it.
Though there are times when I end up with a bunch of stuff that I originally hadn't planned on picking up.
There are so many fantastic and yummy things to buy these days.
If I even venture into Whole Foods without a list or am hungry I'm totally screwed.
I always end up spending far too much time in the snack section.
Beet root chips and organic root beer have to be good for you right?
Then there's the awesome selection of organic chocolate bars.
I can never leave there without at least five different kinds.
mmm lavender chocolate and chai spice dark chocolate....
And how could I not spend some quality time checking out all the fantastic olive oils and amazing cheese selections?
Though I do tend to buy my cheese from smaller independent shops, it is fun trying out some of the samples.
That is where I can always find big daddy if I've lost him.
Circling the free samples like James Gandolfini at an all-you-can-eat pasta bar.
Hon, I think they know you've "sampled" that applewood smoked cheddar like 20 times already...
I'm also lucky to live near so many smaller speciality food shops, which I try to support whenever I can.
Good ol' Loblaws is always great for all my cleaning supplies, baby stuff and now sadly my clothing and underwear.
I love the president's choice artichoke and asiago tapenade.
It's really great and tastes even better than the one I make from scratch.
Today I was near Dominion which is open 24 hours, which I love.
There have been times when we decided to grab a few things late at night to beat the crowds, especially during the holidays and the long weekends.
I love the staff at the location closest to us as well, they always seem to remember us, and today one of the bakers came over with a warm tray of chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven and gave one to both Lulu & I.
Now that's what I call service and "fresh is best".
They might want to try to deter their staff from smoking right at the entrance though.
Having to walk though a giant cloud of smoke isn't really that appealing.
Not exactly the fresh obsessed image I'm sure they want to convey.
Then there's Pusateris.
I have a love hate thing with this place.
The product is excellent, and you can always get the best of everything.
But the people can be ultra annoying and often really pushy, and that's just in the parking lot.
Once you are finally in the store be prepared to sharpen your elbows.
I have to really be feeling Zen before I even contemplate shopping there.
Then again, with the fantastic selection of fresh fish, amazing butcher, ultra fresh produce and incredible cakes and desserts, it's really worth the hassle.
Last but not least is the St. Lawrence market, Kensington market and all the fantastic farmer's markets around town.
There is no better way to buy your food than from the people who grow (or raise) it.
I try to buy local whenever possible.

But sadly it's not as much fun shopping as it used to be.
Lulu is now getting pretty nutty and has started to "demand" certain things and is always trying to pull stuff off of the shelves.
Yes, we are one of "those" people.
She has decided she no longer wants to ride in the cart and if she does, certainly not in the part that she should be buckled safely into.
I can barely get in and out of a store now without some sort of mini melt down.
Maybe it's time to divide and conquer and do one big shop once a week on my own?
But to me this is so far from how I like to eat, shop and live.
What if i feel like fresh seared tuna tomorrow and orzo with smoked chicken, corn and basil the next day?
You never know what you might feel like from day to day, or what looks fresh.
Plus like I've said before, just because I'm not lucky enough to live in Europe, doesn't mean I can't try to pretend to..
All I need is my bike, straw basket, my warm baguette and some fresh cut flowers wrapped in brown craft paper....
Where was I?
Oh right..Lulu and Loblaws.
I try to include her and make it fun to go grocery shopping, but there are times (like on Sunday) when I actually got really frazzled and had to leave the store with a crying kid in my arms and everyone staring at me.
Maybe my timing is all wrong.
Too close to nap time.
Or too hungry?
and that's just me I'm talking about.
But it's true, if there is a problem, I'm sure I'm the one causing it.
So what's a grocery shop-o-holic to do?
any tips or advice?
anyone else's kids turn whacky at the grocery store?


Sarah said...

I've turned to Tootsie Pops to get me through stores. It seriously works every time.

Gabriella said...

I am exactly at the same place you are. Funny thing is Samantha acts different in different grocery stores. For now she is entertained with putting an orange or any other kind of fruit in the plastic bag and taking it out. Until she whips at someone. Also she's quiet for a bit while eating a small croissant. And the live fish entertain her for awhile. Needless to say shopping takes awhile.

metro mama said...

I give her lots of snacks.

If we have a big shop to do (rarely) we try not to take her. Otherwise, we do frequent small trips.

Ms. Porter said...

Ohh I've been where you are for a while now. Go alone or bribe bribe bribe...that's all I can say.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

I generally go on my own for one big shop, always with a list.

I've found when I take The Happy Boy into the store, he treats it like a big all-you-can-eat buffet. (we spend most of our time in the produce area)

I've had to pry green beans, oranges, tomatoes and even peas out of his hands.

Have you tried grocery gateway?

tracy said...

ah yes. it does get better!
oh how i miss kensington market... xo

Anonymous said...

When my DD was younger, I'd bring lots of snacks. I'd also try to include her in the produce section. I'd pick the fruit, hand it to her and let her put it in the plastic bag (that I would have open). At checkout, I hand her all the light stuff and she gets to put it on the conveyor belt. Just try to think of ways to include her in the shopping to keep her busy.

Good luck!