Monday, June 25, 2007

litter bugs-me.

I'm so glad that someone else feels the same way I do.
Though, unfortunately it looks like a seven year old and not the 40ish year old woman who I saw blowing her nose into a tissue then decided to throw it on the ground afterwards.
Right in front of me.
So I couldn't resist saying, in as sweet a voice as I could muster up "umm excuse dropped something..."
she looked pretty embarrassed, and proceeded to pick up her dirty Kleenex.
"oh , oops.."
yeah right lady.
I saw you blatantly throw it on the ground, only you got busted doing it.
While down on the water last weekend we decided to take a nice hour long boat cruise around Toronto island and the habourfront.
While taking in the beautiful scenery, and feeling really grateful to live in a city that is surrounded by one of the world's largest fresh water lakes some idiot sitting in front of me throws an empty candy wrapper overboard into the water.
this time I didn't say anything, because I just got the feeling it wasn't worth it.
besides, it's not like he could retrieve it at that point.
Though I did get a sudden urge to throw him overboard.
seeing these signs yesterday, gives me hope.
Maybe the next generation with give a crap, and try to keep our world a beautiful place.
Though as valiant a gesture as this is...plastering telephone poles with paper and ads etc. might not be my method of choice for getting the message out there.
But at least the message is a worthwhile one.


Gabriella said...

I hate litterer's too (sp?). The worst is when I'm in my car and I see someone toss a Tim Horton's cup out the window at a stop light. I feel like running over to their car and dragging them out and making them pick it up. One of my pet peeves!!!

metro mama said...

It's unbelievable how many people litter. WTF?

Sarah said...

Those signs those kids created are totally PLG. I love those kids for taking the take to make them and hang them...their my kind of kids!

andrea said...

Littering is one of my biggest pet peeves. It is nice to see that these children's parents are teaching them that it is not right. I commend you for calling out the lady about the tissue, I am always too big of a wimp.

indigo herself said...

ok twice today i actually picked up other people's litter from public bathrooms. i figured i would just use my used paper towel to swing down and pick up the wayward towels that had missed the trash bin so that the next person wouldn't think - ug, this bathroom needs to be cleaned. the way i did at first. i think it stems from a conversation i heard recently about owning every space we walk, breathe, or pass thru. people should realize we are all connected. my crash pad neighbours on the other hand have left a pile o' messy trash, overflowing from the urks me each time i see it but it's just too messy for me to fix. they are moving so i think that is why they don't really care anymore. karma, it will find you.

kgirl said...

well, at least you know that there are a few citizens we can count on for years to come.

kittenpie said...

I hat ethat too, and have done exactly what you describe a few times. Or, occasionally, picked it up and handed it to them. I hate that trips to the park usually involve me picking up somebody else's leavings and putting them int the trash. Sigh.