Tuesday, June 05, 2007

shake your booty

Is it me or do the weekends seems to go much faster in the summer?
It's amazing how much we can cram into just two days.
One of the things we did on Saturday was to check out the jazz festival at the distillery district.
Lulu was on stage with all the kids, at first a bit shy then once she got into a groove didn't want to leave.
Some young boy around 5-ish took a liking to lulu and wouldn't let her dance with anyone else.

I got a mini glimpse into the future and got shivers just thinking about it.
Big daddy jokes that we should install the barbed wire fences and hidden cameras surrounding the house now.
I often wonder if she will be a boy crazy as I was.
Oh lord help us if she is..
But I guess as long as she has fun and is smart about things, I guess that's all I can hope for.
Still I can't bear the thought.
Then again she is still just two, so I shouldn't even be thinking about that stuff quite yet.
Anyone else get ahead of themselves and think about these things?
There was a little cluster of girls around the age of 7-10ish and they were so sweet, dancing around holding hands and having such a great time.
They also had their eyes on a certain handsome boy (the older brother of Lulu's pursuer) who they all seemed to want to dance with, but whenever he came close to them they all scattered in fits of laughter.
It was so funny to watch.
So innocent, yet strange to imagine that in only a few short years Lulu too will know all about the great art of flirting.
In fact I'm convinced she already knows a trick or two.
That child has already mastered the batting of the eye lashes like I have never seen before..
Even now she already talks about her "boyfriend" Jamie.
A friends little three year old who apparently has made quite an impression on her.
He is quite the catch, so at least she has great taste in her little guy-friends.
In the mean time we had fun watching her dance and shake her cute little booty, well that and watching her run away from this little guy.
At least my girl knows how to play hard to get..

But as an extra precaution, big daddy has left a pair of size 13 cowboy boots at the front door along with a bright orange Beware of Ferocious Rabid Dog sign in the window.
just incase.


Ms. Porter said...

yes, weekends in the summer go by way too quickly...even the long ones.
as usual, great photos and clothes! i can't believe how much hair lulu has already. my daughter who is about a month younger than lulu barely has any still.

kittenpie said...

Well, who could not take a shine to that cutie?

I think all dads have that issue, though I'm hoping she'll be more like me - a bit of a late bloomer, too immersed in other things to care much about boys, and cautious enough not to get carried away.