Monday, March 20, 2006

baby bradgelina

so I had this weird dream about brad and angie last night.
this is good and bad.
good, because I slept long enough to actually have an uninterrupted dream.
bad, because if I was going to have a celebrity dream i wish it had been with Jake Gylenthal or maybe Clive Owen instead.
(i really think brad is overrated)
anyhow back to the dream.
so for some reason I was at george cluny's lake como estate and brad was talking to the caterers about last minute wedding preparations. angie was getting ready for the pending nuptials, and she was looking totally fabulous in all her pregnant splendor. lucky bitch. anyhow, I can't remember exactly what happened other that lots of famous guests and helicopters flying overhead. Then flash to the birth of "prince pitt" yes folks, you heard it here first...I dreamt this adulterous love child to be a boy. then I woke up. I can't remember "the birth" but once awake, I started thinking about the whole thing. Will she follow madonna and Brittany's lead and grab a quick C-section and hop on her plane and dash off to who knows where?
or will she go au natural like Gwyneth or kate hudson? somehow I can't picture her screaming "I CAAAAANN'TTTTT!!!!! or get it OOOUUUTTTTT!!! or worse, It feels like I'm going to POOOOOO!" but my money's on the latter. She's a tough broad.
and will brad be there to cut the cord? will she get the dreaded stitches "down there" or a nasty hemorrhoid that will only feel better with a weeks worth of stitz baths..who really knows?
who really cares?
well I obviously did since I had a dream about it.
they're just people just like me. well... minus the money, fame, power and flawless bodies.
actually big daddy had a couple of beers with brad while he was shooting a movie here in canada, and said that he is a really nice guy and very down to earth. great. add super nice and down to earth to my list of flawless character traits.
but one thing is for sure, they are in for a memorable and exciting year ahead.
I think having a child is one of the great equalizers in life.
rich, poor, famous or just living happily anonymous.
having a child is a life changing experience.


ninepounddictator said...

I love celebrity dreams...except when I wake up and realize that it was just a dream...and I'm not with Brad Pitt...

I've had the Clooney dream too...

PS. I actually love the name Blue...I think it's great for a girl or boy. Love it...

Tracy said...

:) so funny! i too think it puts us all on more equal footing! it certainly has changed my life!!

scarbie doll said...

Great post! I agree about the equalizing thing, and also about the Brad thing -- he's not all that. He's pretty and all, but I dunno, something just doesn't do it for me.

Gwyneth also had a C-section, but only after 60 hours of trying to go natural or something. I am not so down with too-posh-to-push. It's like, we were meant to do it, so you gotta at least try right?

That outfit on LL is too awesome for words.