Tuesday, March 28, 2006


so is there anything sexier than a guy who agrees to clean the windows?
big daddy is not normally thrilled about doing "stuff" around the house.
his attitude is: let's just hire someone.
I'm the complete opposite. I'm also very frugal.
But if I ask him to do "stuff" there is usually a mini argument, followed by "fine, fine, what do you NEED me to do?"
and "when can we just RELAX?" as he is sitting in the kitchen reading the paper sipping on a latte.
When I was pregnant he was a trooper. pitching in whenever possible.
but now that I am home with lulu I am the chief pot scrubber, toilet cleaner, bottle washer, swiffer pusher, bed maker, laundry folder, food cooker...oh and too much more to list.
Not that I mind, in fact I guess I have to admit, I kinda dig this whole house-wife, suzy-homemaker, betty-crocker thing.
As long as big daddy keeps bring'in home the bacon, I'll keep frying it up in my all clad pan.
But the past few weeks he has been home here and there during the week (being freelance and all)
and has really pulled up the ol' boot straps (or more accurately, tied up the pumas) and really started to chip in around here.
He was vacuuming yesterday, and even decided to clean all the windows!
He has never seemed foxier than he did with a bottle of windex in one hand and a roll of paper towels in the other.
Hot, hot, hot.
In fact while I was watching him through the streaked, screen-less windows I remembered how much I really loved him.
It's like I kinda forgot over the past year.
We have both been so absorbed in sweet lulu, that I just forgot how lucky I really am.
He is an amazing father, and I absolutely love watching him interact with lulu.
He is also an awesome partner. He just takes care of things so that I don't have to stress. ie.taxes...argh...
thank god for his left brain and knowing how to deal with numbers.
He is funny as hell and knows how to make me laugh, all-be-it occasionally too much, no fun to almost pee your pants..
(still working on the kegel recovery)
we have been together for almost 9 years! hard to believe. and married for almost 6.
so things aren't full on steamy in the romance department, but what new parent's relationship is?
he is my absolute best friend, and we are figuring out this whole parenting thing together.
there are ups (and mostly ups) and downs and by up I mean up at 4 a.m....
sure we bicker but nothing too serious, we eventually laugh it off, well at least when he admits I was right.
Actually that's not really true, as I have to admit that he is usually the one who is right.
(god I hope he doesn't read this, I may never live that statement down)
So today I feel extra lucky to not only have a beautiful and healthy daughter,
I have a window cleaning hotty for a hubby.
I wonder if I ask him to do some paint touch-ups I'd be pushing my luck?
what was I thinking?


Bridgermama said...

Isn't it great when you get your claws in a good one. ;) I found one too. Oh and there is nothing sexier than a man who can clean a bathroom (man, how my life has changed).

sunshine scribe said...

You found a keeper :)

Mine is actually a neat freak and he loves to clean. And you are right - hot, hot, hot.

scarbie doll said...

We are the opposite: I'm the one who wants to pay someone to do the job, and the Dog is the one who wants to do it on the cheap. It's good to have balance.